Does Taylor Swift Smoke, Despite Her NFL Boyfriend’s Habit?

The musical star Taylor Swift, who is popular for her carefully maintained public image and chart-topping tunes, is back in the public eye.

This time, it’s because of her NFL player boyfriend Travis Kelce’s habits rather than another smash song or glamorous appearance.

Swift’s personal smoking habits came under attention when the Kansas City Chiefs safety was seen smoking in his car on the way to practice, making headlines.

Swift’s Vocal Mastery – A No-Smoke Zone

If you’re curious about whether Swift and Kelce are smokers, the answer can be found in a statement Swift made almost ten years ago.

In a 2011 interview with “60 Minutes,” Swift was quite clear that she was against smoking. “Since I sing, I don’t want to smoke anything,” she said.

Given Swift’s strict diet and her desire to keep up her vocal skills, it is not unexpected that she is so committed to protecting her voice.

Before their love relationship, Swift showed voice rest to the point where she wouldn’t even have a conversation before or after her jobs, according to Kelce on the “New Heights” podcast.

Because of this love, Kelce experienced a really funny “butthurt” moment where he regretted his inability to give Swift the bracelets he had made for her. It’s clear that Swift is dedicated to her work in more ways than just quitting smoking.

Swift has good cause to treat her voice with such care. As a report from Flushing Hospital Medical Center says that smoking can seriously damage vocal cords.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

Frequent injury can cause voice abnormalities, severe throat infection, or even voice loss. Considering that Swift may perform 44 songs in a single set, it makes sense that smoking would be viewed as a harmful activity for someone who is so aware of the health of her voice.

Swift’s Position on Drinking – Sips Over Shots

Swift isn’t just about not smoking; she also goes over and beyond to keep her vocal edge.

She stated in the same “60 Minutes” interview that she was scared to drink too much. “I’m not much of a drinker. I’m not saying, “Hey, that’s my best activity.” She said, “And I don’t drink to get crazy because that’s just not cute.”

This is a sharp contrast to her recent NFL game appearances, where she has been observed dressing more casually than normal.

Swift’s Explosive Side – An Uncommon View

As Swift embraces a more relaxed approach to public appearances, fans are witnessing a side of her they’re not accustomed to.

Swift appears to be going into new land, as seen by her Super Bowl drinking habits and Travis Kelce‘s definition of her as a “pro” at having fun. But one thing is sure with these signs of a wilder side: smoking is a line she’s refusing to cross.

Today, where paparazzi and gossip publications use celebrity relationships as story material, Taylor Swift is firm in her dedication to her work.

Swift’s decisions, from giving up on smoking to save her vocal cords to drinking in limited amounts, are proof of her commitment and skill.

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