When Olivia Rodrigo was Mistaken for A Stripper, and the Babysitting Dream

If you thought Olivia Rodrigo was all about belting out chart-topping hits, think again! Recently, the pop sensation made an unforgettable appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, where she disclosed that she has a strange dream that she has not yet realized: babysitting! Yes, you heard that right.

In addition to being a fantastic singer, Olivia Rodrigo is willing to put your children to bed and watch TV with them while earning money. For all those who love babysitting, it is like a dream come true.

With over $8 million of net worth, Olivia did not bat an eyelid when Jimmy Kimmel joked that her hourly rates for babysitting might reach an astonishing $1,800 per hour.

Instead, she leaned in and revealed her favorite babysitting trick: she would sing her hit songs to the kids until they fell asleep. At this rate, who would not want to hire her? She did, however, have a special offer for Jimmy, something akin to a “Talk Show Host Friends and Family” rate. The audience couldn’t contain their laughter!

Olivia also related a humorous story about her visit to the White House, which involved a surprise visit from the president. She was initially confused when President Biden gave her a bag of goodies.

She made a hilarious error in 2021 when she mistakenly thought an ice cream scooper was a shoehorn during an earlier appearance on Kimmel’s show. And just when you thought you would see it all, Kimmel showed the world the famous ice cream scoop photo, demonstrating that even pop stars make hilarious mistakes from time to time. Who knew the White House had such a quirky sense of humor?

“Stripper” Mix-Up: Mom’s Playful Deception

Olivia could not resist pointing out how her parents’ responses to her newfound fame differed significantly.

While her dad proudly brags about her achievements to anyone who will listen, her mom takes a different approach. She playfully conceals Olivia’s career in entertainment, which results in some very funny situations.

Olivia Rodrigo
Olivia Rodrigo (Credit: Getty Images)

Olivia shared a hilarious story about being mistaken for a stripper by a hairdresser. Yep, you heard that right! This misunderstanding was entirely due to her mother’s efforts to keep her career a secret.

When Olivia walked in, the hairdresser most likely expected a big reveal. But instead of a pole, she found a pop star ready for a haircut. Of course, it is all in good fun and a testament to Olivia’s family’s sense of humor and charm.

Hitchhiking Adventure, Olivia Surprises Kids

When Olivia played a peculiar hitchhiker in a prerecorded segment with Jimmy Kimmel. Rodrigo entertained Jimmy Kimmel’s two children with a memorable sing-along on his way to school.

Feel free to live vicariously through Jimmy Kimmel’s kids, since you have probably never had your favorite pop star surprise you by taking a ride with you and your family on the way to school.

Because Billy, 6, Jane, 9, and Kimmel’s wife Molly McNearney picked up a “hitchhiker” while traveling to school. It turned out that Olivia Rodrigo, the singer of “Driver’s License,” was the hitchhiker.

Olivia is getting ready for a thrilling world tour to promote her album “Guts,” which will take her to arenas all over the world. She is excited to share her music with a larger audience and to travel to new places.

Olivia is coming to a city near you, and she is bringing her catchy tunes and charming antics with her. Who knows, maybe she will end up babysitting your kids while she is at it!

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