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Fact-Check: Larsa Pippen Broke Up With Marcus Jordan

In the whirlwind of celebrity gossip, rumors often swirl faster than realities. The rumored breakup of Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan is one such claim making the rounds. But before we get into the drama, let’s go on a quest for the truth.

Separating truth from fiction is no easy task, yet outfitted with proof and investigation, we’ll explore the murky waters of speculation to uncover the real story behind this headline-grabbing breakup.

The Claim

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan broke up.

The Ruling


The claim that ‘The Real Housewives of Miami’ star Larsa Pippen and the athlete Marcus Jordan broke up is true, as indicated by various reputable and reliable media outlets. 


Larsa Pippen, the popular star of ‘The Real Housewives of Miami’ and the prominent athlete Marcus Jordan have been dating since early 2023, as confirmed by reputable media outlets such as People and Page Six. The couple first met in 2019 through a mutual friend at a party in Los Angeles.

Larsa Pippen Broke Up With Marcus Jordan
Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan


Media Outlets: Multiple reputable and reliable media outlets, such as People, Entertainment Tonight, Page Six, and Hollywood Life have confirmed the breakup rumors. 

Social Media: Pippen recently deleted all her posts with her boyfriend, Marcus, from her Instagram account. She unfollowed Marcus and also posted a story asking, “Should your friends unfollow your ex?” along with a poll offering options ‘yes or no.’. 


Rumors about the breakup of Larsa Pippen, the 49-year-old star of ‘The Real Housewives of Miami,’ and Marcus Jordan, 33, reached a fever pitch over the weekend. The catalyst? Pippen’s decisive move to unfollow and delete the pictures of Jordan from her Instagram. 

Adding fuel to the fire, she shared a cryptic Instagram Story which included a thought-provoking poll and a poignant video of Morgan Freeman discussing trusting one’s ‘inner voice’.

Love in the Air

Pippen and Jordan first met each other through their mutual friends at a Los Angeles party in 2019. At first, they forged a strong friendship foundation, as Pippen shared in an interview. 

By 2022, their bond developed, fueling speculation after they were seen on a lunch date in September. When asked about her bond with Jordan, Pippen claimed it to be a good friendship, during an interview at BravoCon later that October, despite the swirling rumors. “We’re just friends,” she insisted.

Kiss confirmed the romance

The couple confirmed their romance in January 2023 when they were seen publicly kissing each other while taking a walk at the beach in Miami, Florida. After a few days, multiple reputable and reliable social media outlets confirmed their budding romance. 

The Wedding Rumors

In August 2023, Pippen was seen wearing a beautiful diamond ring in a video posted by Jordan on his official Instagram account. People misunderstood it as an engagement ring and they speculated that the couple secretly got engaged. 

However, in a podcast, “Separation Anxiety,” the couple addressed the rumors and denied the claim that they were going to get married soon.  


In the whirlwind of celebrity relationships, the alleged separation between Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan sent shockwaves through the media.

Despite their public displays of affection and denials of engagement, Pippen’s new social media actions and cryptic posts have fueled.

While the reality behind their relationship status remains elusive, one thing is clear: in the world of fame, separating truth from fiction is a challenge that continues to captivate audiences.


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