Larsa Pippen Removes “Photoshopped” Bikini Photo Following Backlash from Fans

After receiving negative feedback from fans, Larsa Pippen, the 49-year-old star of “Real Housewives of Miami,” removed a drastically altered swimsuit shot from her Instagram account.

The contentious photo featured her relaxing on a beach chair while wearing a stylish black two-piece bikini. Numerous fans immediately brought attention to her skin’s unusually flawless texture.

Photoshop Disaster- Larsa Pippen Deals With Anger on Instagram, The Entire Criticism Exposed

Critics flooded social media, accusing Pippen of over-editing his photos. Comment sections were utilized by fans to vent their frustration, with statements such as “Bro, this is so edited it’s sad” and “Holy hell, photoshopped.”

Negative attention was also drawn to the provocative stance, which had one leg on the chair and the other on the beach.

Some Find the Age-Defying Pose to be Excessive

Some readers questioned the need for such graphic information in response to the provocative position.

A commentator pointedly asked, “Do people no longer feel the need to have a skill set or a talent, or are we all just going to throw our vag around and call it a day?” Like-minded others urged Pippen to reevaluate her image, particularly given that she is a mother of four children.

Larsa Pippen
Larsa Pippen

Some contended that Pippen ought to take on a more traditional persona as a mother of four children. Remarks such as “I don’t need to see everything!” Have you not got any teenagers? “Mom, set an example for others!” and “You are a parent. “Close those legs, girl,” went viral on social media.

Some devoted followers stood behind Pippen’s decision to release the audacious photo despite the criticism.

Her supporters underlined that she used a scarf to conceal her modesty, and some even urged her to have an independent life. “She’s covered her woman parts, I don’t see the problem,” said one supporter, while another pleaded with her to “let her live!” She is stunning! One day, all of us will pass away. Let her live!!!”

Love Has No Age Limits- Larsa and Marcus Jordan’s Relationship

The controversies surrounding Pippen’s images align with her connection with Marcus Jordan, the son of Michael Jordan, the basketball great.

The couple has been romantically connected since September 2022, despite their 16-year age difference, and they confirmed their romance in January 2023. Earlier this month, the two marked Marcus Jordan’s 33rd birthday with lots of PDA.

Larsa Pippen’s removed bikini photo serves as a reminder that public opinion may influence celebrities’ decisions in the age of social media scrutiny.

The mixture of praise and criticism draws attention to the continuing discussion surrounding age-appropriate conduct, parenthood, and personal expression.

The question of whether Pippen is pushing limits or just adopting a young look in her relationship with Marcus Jordan lingers as she manages her public image.

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