Whitney Way Thore Says, “I’m Still Very Fat”

Star of “My Big Fat Fabulous Life,” Whitney Way Thore, recently shared with her Instagram fans that she has shed 100 pounds, marking an amazing weight-loss success.

She used social media to deny rumors that she had surgery and stress that she is “still very fat.” She shared her weight-loss journey and touched on personal struggles as well as the effects of her mother’s illness and death in an open essay.

The Weight-Loss Journey

Thore began detailing her weight loss journey in reverse chronological order, starting at 385 pounds on the first season of her reality show in 2015.

She revealed that she gained 50 pounds with effort created after her mother’s illness and final death, and 50 pounds in 2018 for slimming down. Thore described her weight as 285 pounds for about a year.

Amid questions and comments about possible surgical or medical procedures, Thore denied previous operations.

She said people always criticize her appearance, especially when she hasn’t changed that much in the last five years, and it’s outrageous that she’s determined to continue her journey without having to have surgery.

Body Positivity and Self-Acceptance

Thore highlighted the importance of avoiding focus on physical attractiveness in her post, expressing her discomfort with the unceasing attention on her body. She reminded her fans that the story had to move away from body concern and politely thanked them for their kind words.

Whitney Way Thore
Whitney Way Thore

Thore inspires people to value their bodies for more than simply their outward beauty, which shows her dedication to advancing body positivity and self-acceptance.

Thore reacted to criticism that she appeared thinner in a recent video by stating that her weight hadn’t changed in the previous 12 months.

She hated the attention she was receiving and underlined how important it is to realize that a person’s body weight does not always indicate their happiness or general well-being.

Thore’s openness about her difficulties speaks to a lot of people who deal with the same issues, encouraging a more accepting and caring approach to body image conversations.

Celebrating Family and Overcoming Grief

Thore talked about how she lost weight and gave glimpses of her father’s 79th birthday celebrations. She paused to honor her father’s steadfast love and support throughout her life, particularly in the trying year that followed the death of her mother.

Thore paid honest respect to the man who was instrumental in her life by expressing her admiration for his courage and persistence.

Whitney Way Thore’s latest weight loss confession reveals a frank and moving path to self-acceptance. She is a strong role model at a time when body image is often questioned because of her commitment to embracing her body and defying societal expectations.

Many audiences will find Thor’s candor about her hardships, grief, and family celebrations charming, emphasizing the importance of prioritizing one’s mental and emotional health over conventional beauty standards.

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