What happened to Saul Saenz at KVIA? An Excellent Anchor and Journalist at KVIA

Saul Saenz works as an American anchor, reporter, and host. He has maintained a low profile in his life. Not many people know much about him. Saenz has kept his personal life so private that he did not even reveal his birthdate.

Although people don’t know much about Saenz, they know that he graduated from Riverside High School and went on to pursue his higher studies at the University of Southern California.

A Day in School Leadership

Saul Saenz and Adrian Ochoa are the most respected writers on ABC-7. However, they have recently taken on the role of secondary school directors but only for a day in El Paso.

Once they step into the roles of school directors, they come to realize the responsibilities and challenges of educators and administrators.

After looking closely at the day-to-day activities, they have understood the struggles and difficulties school administrators face.

What happened to Saul Saenz at KVIA?  

Saul Saenz is still working on KVIA as an excellent anchor, reporter, and Xtra host. Also, he is still enjoying his role in El Paso’s news scene, being an important figure for the station and contributing to its success.

Saenz has the flexibility, skills, and dedication to provide the correct and most grappling news to the audience. 

What happened to Saul Saenz
Saul Saenz

Saul Saenz’s Insights

After his experience as a school director, Saul Saenz appreciated the hard work and dedication of the teaching and administration staff. He emphasized that the importance of having positive student-teacher relationships must be focused on.

He stressed the positive impact of a positive student and teacher relationship and that could be found by building rapport and genuine connections among them. 

Reflections on School Administration

Their day in the shoes of school heads gave them a significant point of view on the intricacies of school organization and the commitment expected to help students achieve.

What happened to Saul Saenz Kvia
Saul Saenz

Through their vivid experiences, both Saul Saenz and Adrian Ochoa acquired a more profound appreciation for the tireless efforts of teachers and heads in molding a helpful learning ambiance.

Saul Saenz’s Commitments at KVIA

At KVIA, Saul Saenz has laid a good foundation for himself as a noticeable figure among watchers in El Paso. He is known for his devotion to conveying precise and grappling news.

Saul has turned into a recognizable face on the local news scene. His flexibility and uncommon talents as an anchor, writer, and Xtra have contributed altogether to the station’s prosperity.

Commitment to Excellence

Saul’s obligation to his art and his energy for serving the community are obvious in his work at KVIA.

Saul has a solid educational background and broad involvement in the field. He brings an abundance of information and skills to his job. 

Mauricio Casillas’s Departure

Among recent advancements at KVIA, Mauricio Casillas, referred to warmly as “Blemish,” has declared his departure from the station. Having filled in as the Anchor and Leader Producer for Good Morning El Paso, Mauricio has chosen to join NBC Washington as a journalist.

His exit put an end to a memorable residency at KVIA, where he began as the station’s first traffic anchor before taking on different jobs, including end-of-week morning anchor and leader maker.

Mauricio’s devotion and solid, hard-working attitude pushed him through the positions at KVIA, gaining his appreciation and adoration from associates and watchers alike.

His departure highlights the always-changing news industry, with gifted people like Saul Saenz proceeding to make huge commitments to local news and engagement with them.

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