What happened to Lashanta on 600 Lb life?

It is time to provide an update on Lashanta White’s life, as she is remembered as one of the most challenging stories to follow in My 600-lb Life season 7.

When the crew began documenting her journey, she had been bedridden for two years and was doing her best to take care of her four children while also keeping up her relationship with her boyfriend, Jeremy, also known as “JT.”  

Lashanta White My 600-lb life update

Lashanta’s beau, JT, wanted her to stay the same and even threatened to end their relationship if she lost weight but she was determined to improve her health and lose weight.

Even though LaShanta’s boyfriend, JT eventually broke up with her, she worried about more serious matters during her time on the show. Because of her size, she was initially denied approval for weight-loss surgery.

Dr. Now, who sees most patients on My 600-lb Life, approved Lashanta’s surgery after she lost more than 100 pounds. In the end, LaShanta received approval and was able to begin her journey towards better health. 

What happened to Lashanta on 600 lb life?

Lashanta appears to have had weight loss surgery based on her Instagram and TikTok posts, where she also appears to be thinner. Though she has not publicly acknowledged it yet, LaShanta is unrecognizable now.

It is clear that she prioritized her health even after the cameras stopped rolling and lost about 130 pounds while filming My 600-lb Life. 

Lashanta has lost weight, but she does not share updates on her health or weight-loss journey because she is more concerned with her business and online presence.

After dealing with some issues in my 600-lb life, Lashanta seems to be happier and healthier.

What happened to Lashanta on 600 Lb life
Lashanta on 600 Lb life

It is unclear how much weight she has lost, but she appears to have changed significantly since the TLC docuseries premiere. Lashanta’s fans will be waiting for more information as she remains active on social media.

What did Lashanta disclose during her appearance on My 600 Lb Life? 

Lashanta revealed on “My 600-Lb Life” that she had trouble finding a job because of her limitations, but it seems like she has chosen a different career path after the show aired. 

She started uploading original music to her YouTube channel in 2019. One of the short songs, “My Ex Tryna To Get Me Back,” is a reference to her show partner who dissuaded her from trying to lose weight. The reality star’s page features over a dozen original short songs, such as “Where U Been” and “Big Gurl Season.” 

She describes herself on Instagram as a songwriter and jingle writer, and she frequently shares quick videos for her 52.7 thousand followers. 

Lashanta’s boyfriend Jeremy left her not long before she relocated to Houston to pursue her weight loss goals. Although Jeremy claimed he disapproved of Lashanta losing weight, she decided to push forward with the move with the help of her sons. 

Lashanta had only lost 113 pounds nine months after her first consultation with weight loss surgeon Dr. Nowzaradan, and Dr. Now was unable to authorize her for weight loss surgery.

Lashanta, like many of the people who have been on the show, was adamant about being eligible for a gastric bypass.

When Lashanta managed to shed an extra 47 pounds in a year, Dr. Now was able to arrange for her to undergo gastric bypass surgery. LaShanta is determined to get healthy. Henceforth, nowadays, she’s almost unrecognizable. 

Why are the last few weeks hard for Lashanta?

She’s not giving up! Lashanta White was struggling to lose weight when she was first introduced to fans on My 600-lb Life, having been bedridden for two years, leaving her children and boyfriend as her full-time caretakers. She’s now endured a breakup but is still determined to get healthy. 

While TLC cameras were rolling on the April 17 episode, the reality star said, “In the last couple of weeks, things have been really bad because JT and I broke up.” “I thought I had the support to do this, even though I knew he was concerned that I would lose too much weight.”

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