What happened to Gwen on Days of Our Lives? DOOL Unveils Shocking Plot Twist

In the world of soap operas, where the extraordinary and bizarre are par for the course, Days of Our Lives managed to stun viewers with a plot twist that left them questioning reality.

This twist is quite a feat considering the show has previously featured storylines involving demonic possession, but it all came together in a jaw-dropping moment. 

This twist is related to the beloved character of Gwen and fans are wondering what happened to Gwen on Days of Our Lives.

This article delves into revealing the fuzz about Gwen and other significant changes going to take place on Days of Our Lives.

A Sudden Transformation

Brady, another character in the show, entered the terminal looking for someone, and to everyone’s astonishment, he was calling for Theresa.

However, the real shocker was that Theresa, who was previously portrayed by Jen Lilley, had undergone a transformation. She was now played by Emily O’Brien, complete with a wig that was almost universally ridiculed for its appearance.

This sudden character swap, which had never been hinted at or foreshadowed, left viewers bewildered, and it instantly became the talk of the Days of Our Lives community.

What happened to Gwen on Days of Our Lives
Gwen on Days of Our Lives

The transition was so abrupt and unannounced that it left fans wondering if they had missed something or if this was indeed a groundbreaking twist.

What happened to Gwen on Days of Our Lives?

Gwen is leaving the Days of Our Lives. The moment in question unfolded at the end of an episode that aired on Friday, October 6, leaving fans in shock and disbelief.

Emily O’Brien, who portrays the character Gwen on the show, made an announcement that had fans reeling.

Gwen, known for her outlandish and often cruel behavior, was seen waiting to board a plane at the airport, bidding farewell to the town of Salem, where most of the show’s drama unfolds.

Gwen’s farewell speech was filled with mixed emotions as she reflected on her time in Salem. She acknowledged both her love and hate for the town, leaving viewers perplexed about her true feelings.

She concluded with a cryptic promise, saying, “It might be goodbye for now, but you haven’t seen the last of this girl.”

A Behind-the-Scenes Surprise

The off-screen story behind this plot twist is almost as unbelievable as what transpired on the show.

Jen Lilley, who was known for playing Theresa, revealed some fascinating details about the behind-the-scenes process. She was initially brought back to reprise her role as Theresa, but things took an unexpected turn.

Lilley discovered that the role had been recast, and it would now be portrayed by Emily O’Brien.

This situation left Lilley in a peculiar position, but she chose to take the high road. She promptly met with O’Brien to provide guidance on how to approach the character.

However, the encounter was marked by O’Brien expressing her reluctance to take on the role. She told Lilley, “I don’t want to play Theresa,” and expressed that Theresa’s character was quite the opposite of her own personality.

Emily O’Brien (Image Via @emroya/Instagram)

This revealed that O’Brien was less than thrilled with the dramatic change and the challenge of portraying a character so different from herself.

A Disquieting Turn of Events

The entire situation, from the recasting to the abrupt on-screen transformation, was undeniably awkward for all parties involved.

Lilley had no ill feelings towards O’Brien but did express her disapproval of how the situation was handled. She felt that the transition could have been managed more smoothly and professionally.

Adding to the peculiar nature of the swap was the issue of the wig.

Lilley had offered to dye her hair to match the character, but she was informed that it wasn’t necessary. Yet, when Emily O’Brien stepped into the role, she did so wearing a blonde wig, which garnered mixed reactions from the audience.

Many noted the unconventional appearance of the wig, likening it to certain infamous hairpieces in soap opera history.

As of the episode’s conclusion, the switch has been officially unveiled, and fans eagerly await Monday’s episode to witness Emily O’Brien’s portrayal of Theresa.

The Jaw–Dropping Development on Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives delivered an unprecedented plot twist by abruptly replacing the actress portraying the character Theresa, resulting in a surprising on-screen transformation.

The behind-the-scenes story revealed a series of unexpected and awkward moments, adding to the mystique of this soap opera’s jaw-dropping plot development.

While soap operas are known for their dramatic twists and turns, this sudden character swap remains a subject of discussion and intrigue among viewers.

As the storyline continues to evolve, fans eagerly anticipate what the future holds for the character of Theresa in this unpredictable narrative.

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