What happened to Gas Monkey Garage? Why did Fast N’ Loud call off?

The Gas Monkey Garage, a custom auto company in Dallas, was the brainchild behind the popular reality television series “Fast N’Loud,” which aired on Discovery Channel and starred Richard Rawlings.

He would scour the US for worn-out, dilapidated old cars, find them, and then restore them in the garage.

The team made up of skilled mechanics and fabricators, rebuilt the rusted, frequently abandoned old classics into gorgeously restored hot rods in each episode.

Richard would then sell them, frequently making a sizable profit for the shop. In this article, we will find out about the whereabouts of Richard and his team.

What is Gas Monkey Garage?

Eight years of the Discovery Channel reality series “Fast N’ Loud” featured the Dallas-based auto repair firm Gas Monkey Garage.

The program followed Richard Rawlings, the owner, and his crew as they transformed vintage vehicles into hot rods and marketed them to buyers.

After making several unsuccessful attempts to fix cars in his neighborhood, Richard Rawlings, who had grown up with automobiles, opened his shop.

Richard wanted to make an automobile restoration show that would appeal to a wider audience, including women and children. 

This is where the concept for Gas Monkey Garage came from. Despite going through several changes over the years, the Gas Monkey Garage staff today consists of several skilled fabricators and technicians.

The TV show had its debut in June 2012 and ran for eight years before ending in June 2020.

The owner of Gas Monkey Garage

He recalled how his father had to work three jobs just to afford to purchase him a new toy motorcycle or automobile.

As a child, he would go to auto shops with his father and observe his work on their automobiles in the garage.

Richard Rawlings
Richard Rawlings

When he turned 14 and started to drive, he bought his first car, a green 1974 Mercury Comet, carrying on his father’s love of automobiles.

He was already behind the wheel of his third vehicle, a 1977 Bandit Trans Am when he received his diploma from Eastern Hills High School.

He had many jobs before he was even 21 years old, working as a police officer, a paramedic, and a firefighter to finance his pricey love.

After some time, Richard left those positions to open a garage, but it failed since no one in the neighborhood trusted him to work on their automobiles.

He entered the printing and advertising industries and founded Lincoln Press, which he eventually sold to focus on a business that was tied to his earlier interest in classic cars.

What happened to Gas Monkey Garage?

After 16 seasons of television, Richard declared in the podcast “The Joe Rogan Experience” that he was quitting the reality series.

The final episode of “Fast N’ Loud” aired in June 2020. He announced his departure from Discovery Channel and proudly announced his new status as a free agent. 

What happened to Gas Monkey Garage
Gas Monkey Garage

People were shocked by the revelation because the show was still performing well, but he insisted that he had already succeeded in his mission and was now the head of the cable channel.

He baited the public to expect some interesting stuff he planned for 2021 since he wanted a fresh challenge.

The Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas kept restoring hot rods for fans of classic cars even after the TV show was canceled.

Richard is now successful in business and has spread the Gas Monkey Garage name internationally throughout the years.

In addition to writing books, and creating tequila, vodka, and an energy drink, he also constructed restaurants and had a clothing brand that was available at Walmart, Target, and Kohl’s.

Recently, episodes of Richard’s brand-new podcast “Monkey Trap” were released to its official YouTube account.

Richard was the only employee at Gas Monkey Garage, and he worked very hard. This was a fantastic asset to the company.

Additionally, he refused to sign any agreements that would allow another business to operate under his name. No one may use Richard’s brand unless Richard is the business’s owner, he claimed.

It was the only way he could safeguard what he had created and the roughly a thousand individuals who worked for him.

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