The Disappearance of Buck Cleven and the Plot Twist in Masters of the Air

Hotly anticipated and exceptionally expected, Masters of the Air arose as a promising ally to the notable Band of Brothers, flaunting a group cast led by the charming Austin Butler. He is shown as the epitome of leadership.

Butler’s depiction of Major Gale ‘Buck’ Cleven alluded to a character bound to exceed all expectations inside the story of the 100th Bomb Group’s battles against the forces of Germany in 1943.

What happened to Buck in Masters of the Air?

Buck Cleven never returned from his mission. In Episode 4 of Masters of the Air, it was shown that Buck and his crew went on a mission to Bremen. It seems like they went on a one-way road where only someone goes but never returns, as Buck and his team failed to make it back.

The series does not provide any further detail about Buck and his crew. His absence from the story has made all the other characters believe he is dead and won’t ever return.

Cleven was seen to sincerely fulfill his duty during the initial episodes of  Masters of the Air. His arrival scene at Thorpe Abbotts was epic and he was indulged in his first mission to combat.

Everything was going fine until Episode 4, where the story turned dramatic. Major John ‘Bucky’ Egan gives the responsibility of the mission to Bremen to Cleven as he takes a personal day.

This mission causes havoc and unlike other missions, this wasn’t shown to audiences. Instead, what they depicted was that Cleven and his crew never returned.

What happened to Buck in Masters of the Air
Buck Cleven

There was no proper explanation or any background information given; Cleven just suddenly disappeared from the scene and other characters were seen to believe that he was dead without any question.

The Void Left Behind

After Episode 4, Cleven wasn’t seen in any further episodes. He was absent from the following episodes, including Episode 5 and the recently released teaser of Episode 6.

There are only nine episodes in total, and he is absent from most of them. As the absence continues, the characters of the series tend to believe Cleven is dead, which puts his departure from the storyline at the forefront.

The baffling inquiry emerges as how might a character assumed to be dead keep on leading a series? Masters of the Air at first situated Cleven as the series’ focal figure, similar to the Band of Brothers’ Dick Winters—a pioneer to respect and follow, bound to endure the conflict with a series of achievements.

Be that as it may, Cleven’s abrupt disappearance subverts this account direction, consigning him to principal character status and stirring up doubt about his importance inside the general story.

Cleven’s Downfall

The storyline’s decision to sideline Cleven is particularly jolting given the underlying advertising and depiction of Austin Butler as the series’ lead.

Rather than the getting-through legacy of Dick Winters, Cleven’s direction is unexpectedly wrecked, leaving viewers to wrestle with the repercussions of his absence.

Regardless of the verifiable point of reference of Cleven’s endurance and ensuing encounters as a POW at Stalag Luft III, the series seems ready to go on without bringing him back as the lead character.

This choice consigns Cleven to a supporting storyline, reducing his importance within the story system.

As the series advances, it turns out to be progressively clear that Cleven’s return to importance is most probably not possible.

While history depicts his endurance and ensuing encounters as a POW, the story direction of Masters of the Air seems set on keeping up with the center, basically around the 100th Bomb Group missions, as opposed to digging into Cleven’s own journey.

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