Tony Goldwyn Steps Into Sam Waterston’s Shoes On ‘Law & Order’

Tony Goldwyn Prepares for ‘Law & Order’ Challenge, Filling Sam Waterston’s Shoes Sparks Buzz as the New Era Begins!

Tony Goldwyn steps into the spotlight, aware of the difficult task ahead. With seasoned shoes to fill and a new era to usher in, Goldwyn’s Instagram post expresses both excitement and trepidation.

Despite the cast changes and heartfelt farewells, the drama both on and off-screen keeps fans interested. With “Law & Order“‘s legacy on the line, Goldwyn’s journey as District Attorney Nicholas Baxter promises to be a legal rollercoaster ride.

“There are some very large shoes to fill!” The 63-year-old Goldwyn wrote a piece on Instagram on Wednesday, February 21, regarding his casting for the remainder of season 23.

Two set photos were shared by Goldwyn, one of which included detectives Vincent Riley and Jalen Shaw from the show along with Reid Scott and Mehcad Brooks.

Goldwyn, who debuted as district attorney Nicholas Baxter on Thursday, March 16, also shared a photo of himself sitting in a Law & Order director’s chair. His back is turned to the camera as he appears to take in his upcoming role.

Goldwyn’s addition to the Law & Order family comes following Waterston’s departure from this week’s season 23 episode. Waterston first appeared on the Dick Wolf series as Executive ADA Jack McCoy in season 5 of 1994.

Tony Goldwyn admits that replacing Sam Waterston on Law and Order will require him to fill some very large shoes.

Waterston’s character had been promoted to DA by the time the show ended after 20 seasons in 2010. Law and Order were revived in 2022, and Waterston, 83, returned to help bring it back to life.

Waterston will leave his beloved role on Thursday, February 22, according to an announcement made by NBC earlier this month. Goldwyn was appointed as his replacement.

Tony Goldwyn and Sam Waterston
Tony Goldwyn and Sam Waterston

In a statement issued through Wolf Entertainment in January, Waterston said, “It is a pleasure to speak directly to the heart of Law & Order’s incredible audience. The time has come for me to move on and take Jack McCoy with me.” “Leaving brings with it sadness, but I can not help but be curious about what comes next.”

He continued, “An actor does not want to become too comfortable. I am grateful beyond words. L&O’s ongoing and amazing long run, as well as its astounding comeback, are entirely due to you and Dick Wolf, without whose vision, patience, perseverance, and unique combination of business and artistic abilities would not have happened. I feel very blessed. I hope to see you all on the flip side.”

Brooks, who has worked with Waterston since season 21, gushed about him on Wednesday, as the cast prepared to say farewell on screen the next day.

“To Sam Waterston, I would say, I hope to be half the man you are when I grow up. “He is an absolute legend,” Brooks, 43, said in an Instagram video posted by NBC Law & Order’s official account. “We are going to miss him. In the best kind of way, his enthusiasm is contagious.”

In November 2023, Jeffrey Donovan announced that he would not be returning for season 23 of the popular legal drama. Fans have already witnessed one casting change this season. In season 21, Donovan, 55, took on the role of Detective Frank Cosgrove.

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