Tina Fey’s “Mean Girls” Musical – A Fetch Comeback After 20 Years

Tina Fey, the mastermind behind the iconic 2004 comedy “Mean Girls,” is back with a musical adaptation two decades after the original movie hit theaters.

However, in the age of Gen Z, Fey found herself navigating unfamiliar territory and sought the assistance of her teenage daughters, Alice (18) and Penelope (12), to infuse the story with contemporary references.

The musical, set to premiere on January 12, brings the high school drama into the smartphone era, highlighting social media and TikTok-style routines.

Fey, reprising her role as math teacher Mrs. Norbury, acknowledged the challenge of updating the storyline for today’s teens.

She sought her daughters’ input on modernizing elements like the infamous “Burn Book,” considering whether it should be a physical book or a private Instagram.

The musical adaptation takes a deep dive into the smartphone era, incorporating Gen Z phenomena like TikTok-style routines into the narrative.

While Fey ensured a contemporary touch, she retained key symbols from the original film, such as the infamous Burn Book and the deliciously tempting Kälteen bars.

Tina Fey

Fey, reprising her role as the witty math teacher Mrs. Norbury, navigates the challenges of updating a beloved classic. Tim Meadows, who portrayed Principal Duvall in the original film, also returns to the stage.

The cast features fresh faces, with Angourie Rice stepping into the role of new-gal-at-school Cady Heron, originally played by Lindsay Lohan.

Reneé Rapp takes on the formidable role of queen bee Regina George, originally portrayed by Rachel McAdams. The ensemble also includes Auliʻi Cravalho, Jenna Fisher, Christopher Briney, Busy Philipps, Ashley Park, and Jon Hamm.

As the film premiered in New York City, the fetching pink carpet witnessed the return of Lindsay Lohan, who shared her gratitude for the enduring impact of “Mean Girls” on popular culture.

“It’s stood the test of time,” Lohan expressed in an interview with “Entertainment Tonight.” Reflecting on the film’s legacy, she noted, “I feel really grateful. I mean, it’s not very often that you have all these movies that do that. ‘Mean Girls’ really opened the doors for a lot of things going on in schools. I think it’s also a really fun movie, so it’s really a blessing.”

In the midst of nostalgic echoes, “Mean Girls: The Musical” promises to seamlessly blend classic charm with contemporary flair, ensuring that the Burn Book continues to weave its spell on new generations of audiences. So, fetch your tickets and prepare for a high school reunion like no other, where Tina Fey’s wit meets Gen Z’s digital world in perfect harmony.

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