“The Beautiful Game” Sees Nighy Take the Field and Score Big for Netflix Drama!

“The Beautiful Game,” a sudden and unexpected turn of events similar to a last-minute penalty kick. Launching on March 29, this Netflix film is more than just a sports drama; it is a touching story of redemption on the Homeless World Cup field.

With Michael Ward portraying the talented striker with a past to conquer and Nighy leading the charge as the manager of England’s football team, this movie is sure to stir up strong emotions. 

The Beautiful Game, a film produced in conjunction with the Homeless World Cup and starring Colin Farrell, has an exclusive first-look trailer, exclusively available on PEOPLE. 

The official synopsis of the film states that Nighy, 74, plays Mal, a “manager of England’s homeless football team, taking his players to Rome with the hope of being crowned champions of the Homeless World Cup.” 

Vinny, portrayed by 26-year-old Empire of Light star Ward, is described as “at the last minute he decides to bring with them a talented striker.” If the goal scorer is willing to let go of his past and integrate into the team, he “could give them a real chance at winning.”

In the teaser, Nighy says, “This competition brings us all together.” “A chance to reintegrate into a team.” Ward is heard giving his fellow football players an inspirational speech that begins, “If you lose your way, the team will always come and find you.”

Director Thea Sharrock exclusively tells PEOPLE, “The Beautiful Game is a film about people and the best of humanity.” “Under the warm Roman sun, it is about rediscovering who you are.”

The cast, she continues, “is truly international,” mentioning Cristina Rodlo, Kit Young, Valeria Golino, and Callum Scott Howells. Rome and London were used for filming.

The Beautiful Game
The Beautiful Game

Sharrock states, “I still find it hard to believe as it is such a brilliant and inspiring organization. I did not know about the Homeless World Cup before reading the [Frank Cottrell-Boyce-written] script.” “I’m so happy that we will be able to share it with people through the movie.”

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Teams comprised of homeless athletes from numerous nations are invited to participate in the annual tournament organized by the advocacy organization Homeless World Cup Foundation. In September, Seoul, South Korea, will host its 19th edition.

The British director claims that Nighy, who was just nominated for an Oscar for Living last year, was working on The Beautiful Game before Sharrock’s involvement. “Bill is the ultimate performer. “I cherish every second I spend with him since he is a football enthusiast as well.” 

Despite her long-standing Arsenal fandom, she quips that “he supports Crystal Palace,” but that “we found mutual respect for one another.” “One of the few actors about whom I did not have to worry about their ball skills was him.”

She continues, “To play Vinny, Ward went through a rigorous football regimen.” I was impressed with how committed he was to the training. He never gave up.

The competition “is our contribution to tackling the homeless problem across the globe but there is so much more to do,” according to a 2021 statement from Mel Young, president and founder of the Homeless World Cup Foundation, as reported by Deadline.

“We hope that by sharing the story of our work in The Beautiful Game, more people will be motivated to support and participate in future Homeless World Cups, and together, we can work toward the ultimate goal of ending homelessness.”

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