Terry Dubrow Ditches Ozempic- A Plastic Surgeon’s Appetite Rebellion

Dr. Terry Dubrow, a botched star, recently shared details about his experience with Ozempic, the popular weight-loss medication that caught people’s attention.

Transitioning from physician to patient, Dubrow set out to investigate the drug’s effects with the goal of losing weight even though he was not diabetic.

The cosmetic surgeon expressed his first shock with the medicine in an exclusive interview with Page Six.

He acknowledged that he was off Ozempic, but he withheld details about how much weight he had lost or how long he had been taking the medicine. His reasons? He want to put an end to the “low-grade nausea” that followed and recover the pleasure of eating.

Dubrow declared, “I want to go on a food vacation,” highlighting his need to get his appetite back and enjoy decadent meals. The plastic surgeon alluded to Ozempic’s ability to suppress hunger, which robbed him of the pleasure he derives from relishing meals.

Relationship of Love and Hate with Ozempic

Even after splitting up with Ozempic, Dubrow is still enthralled with its potential, calling it a “miracle” and calling it the “greatest medical advancement ever made.”

Terry Dubrow
Terry Dubrow

He wasn’t afraid to warn about the possible adverse consequences, particularly pancreatitis. In an earlier alert, Dubrow brought attention to the possibility of hospitalization for those who mix Ozempic with alcohol, illuminating a lesser-known facet of the drug’s use.

“Stop Ozempic Shaming”

Dubrow underlined in July how critical it is to avoid stigmatizing those who use Ozempic or other medications. In order to warn others about possible dangers, he encouraged individuals to freely share their experiences.

The plastic surgeon emphasized the need to eradicate the stigma associated with these drugs and demanded openness in conversations on their side effects.

“This is the New Botox for Obesity”

Dubrow compares Ozempic to the new Botox—only instead of wrinkles, it treats obesity—but he still believes in the long-term effects of the treatment, despite any possible hazards. He promotes candid communication and openness, implying that Ozempic is a game-changer in the field of treating obesity.

Terry Dubrow‘s Ozempic adventure adds a tasty twist to the wacky world of weight-loss secrets, demonstrating that even cosmetic surgeons pursue the illusive delight of a satisfying meal.

Guess who joined the Ozempic party? Our Botched hero, Dr. Terry Dubrow! He made a passing interest in the popular medicine for weight loss. Why? He became weary of feeling sick and missed the pleasure of eating.

On his gastronomic vacation, Dubrow spills the tea and says goodbye to Ozempic. He still refers to it as a miracle in spite of the drama. But wait, he cautions about mixing alcohol and Ozempic together—hospital alert! Dubrow said, “Let’s stop the Ozempic shaming.” It’s the new Botox for fat, as he put it. “Anyone up for some soul-saving plastic surgery?”

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