‘Teen Mom 2’ alum Kailyn Lowry shares the first picture of her newborn twins with Elijah Scott

Kailyn Lowry finally shared the very first photo of her newborn twins, five weeks after giving birth to a baby boy and a baby girl prematurely. The “Teen Mom 2” alum announced the news in a teaser for Friday’s episode of her “Barely Famous” podcast.

At the beginning of the video, the 31-year-old showed a photo of her two babies in the hospital. In the photo, the former reality TV star is seen sitting in a chair holding both infants, who are swaddled in blankets and connected to separate incubators.

On her Friday podcast episode, Lowry revealed that her twins spent several weeks in the NICU after being born five weeks early.

“It was really scary because… we had experienced the NICU for a few days [with Rio], and he was big. He weighed 9 pounds, which was unusual for us, and he was able to return home shortly after,” Lowry said, referring to her eldest son with Scott. “However, we had the twins five weeks earlier, and there were two of them.” I didn’t get to hold them until the following day.

Lowry is a mother of seven. She has sons Isaac, 14, with Jo Rivera, Lincoln, 10, with Javi Marroquin, Lux, 6, and Creed, 2, with Chris Lopez, Rio, 14 months, and the twins with Scott.

During the podcast recording, Lowry expressed frustration that doctors had never given her a straight answer about the cause of her children’s health issues.

Kailyn Lowry

While referring to her girl twin as Baby B, Kailyn said, “I had never seen a baby in my life that didn’t wake up to eat or show signs of hunger. She would just sleep through feedings. She had no feeding cues, and when I tried to feed her, she refused to accept a bottle.”

She added, “I cried a lot. I probably cried more with the NICU journey than with the c-section stuff.” Later in the podcast, Kailyn said that she and Elijah were allowed to bring their baby boy home earlier than their baby girl, which then became a lot more stressful as they had to figure out their schedules for getting back to the hospital. “We had to go back and forth at least once a day,” Elijah said.

Kailyn and Elijah were eventually able to bring their daughter home, but Kailyn remained concerned.

Kailyn reported that her bonding experience with her twin has improved since she was in the NICU alone for weeks and he was at home with us.

“They have been apart for so long; I think they need to bond,” Kailyn added. I am attempting to remagnetize them so that they can return to their original position.”

Kailyn has begun to relax and enjoy being a mother of seven now that both twins have returned home and established a routine with the other five children.

“I feel grateful, thankful, fulfilled, happy, and complete,” Kailyn exclaimed. “They are good babies.” She discussed the possibility of having more children on a recent episode of her podcast.

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