Taylor Tomlinson – Comedy, Growth, and Finding Humor in Life’s Challenges

Comedian Taylor Tomlinson is a fresh face on late-night television. She will soon be the host of “After Midnight,” a Stephen Colbert-produced new series on CBS and Paramount+. Her third Netflix special, “Have It All,” is scheduled to premiere next month, and she spent December editing it. 

However, if seeing the 30-year-old perform live or on film gives the impression that her professional success is inevitable, it isn’t.

According to Tomlinson, she grew up super-sheltered and very Christian. She didn’t even really know what standup was until middle school.

Taylor Tomlinson Recipe Of Stand-Up Success!

Tomlinson, an introvert herself, began performing stand-up comedy at her church, of all places.

Comedian Taylor Tomlinson started her stand-up career by writing jokes about her sheltered adolescent upbringing in church. Her observational comedy, at first, was clean and self-deprecating, reflecting her lack of life experience.

Thinking back on her upcoming special, she acknowledges that, despite outside assistance, she still finds it difficult to accept her achievement.

After her mother passed away from cancer when she was eight years old, Tomlinson turned to stand-up to help her cope with her sadness.

Even though she tried to work this traumatic event into her early routines, she found it difficult to perform such sensitive material in settings with different expectations.

Her new show, which will acknowledge her growth and achievement as a successful comedian, represents a change in tone.

Taylor Tomlinson
Taylor Tomlinson

Her previous work, which frequently explored her losses, has changed, indicating a change in her humorous personality and subject matter.

Putting all of that aside, her candor and honesty regarding the role treatment has had in her life have inspired many.

On Tomlinson’s upcoming television program, “After Midnight,” she and other comedians will satirize the most recent news from the internet. She tells the source that it’s the comfort food of television.

What has been her biggest self-discovery from her new job, then? She stated that the thing she was most nervous about, which she thought was sort of a lame, uncool answer, was that she was naturally very introverted.

Taylor Tomlinson recognizes her innate tendency toward introversion and notes in her thoughts the considerable effort she has put into improving her social abilities.

Even though she has made significant progress and wants to keep improving, her biggest fear in this area is still the part where she interacts with many people and the pressure to always be present.

Taylor Tomlinson uses comedy to reframe discomfort or melancholy because she has a natural ability to find humor in life’s hardest situations.

She neutralizes unpleasant experiences by turning them into content for her jokes, which she can perform live or post online.

Through this process, she gains a new perspective that transforms challenges into pieces of humor that she may use in specials, late-night acts, or even Instagram videos.

Tomlinson views stand-up as a potent means of processing and sharing the difficulties she has faced in her life.

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