Steve Burton Bids Farewell to ‘Days of Our Lives’ a Year After Return, Recent Divorce Finalized

Yes, you read that correctly: a year after his return, Burton bids farewell to ‘Days of Our Lives,’ expressing gratitude in a heartfelt video.

He and Sheree divorced recently, with joint custody of their children. 

“Wow! So, I just finished filming my final scenes for ‘Days of Our Lives,’ and I just wanted to express my gratitude to the cast and crew. “It has been a wonderful journey with you all,” he said in a video message.

“It is hard to believe it has been a year!” “Thank you so much to the fans,” Burton said before concluding the video with a message to “stay tuned” for more.

This departure marks a watershed moment in Burton’s soap opera career, which began in 1988 with his debut on “Days of Our Lives.” He left after a year to take on roles in ‘General Hospital’ and ‘The Young and the Restless,’ respectively.

He left General Hospital in November 2021 because he refused to comply with the studio’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate, citing religious and medical exemptions.

Burton quickly ran into personal problems, publicly announcing the end of his marriage to Sheree in May 2022. According to the announcement, the couple split up because Sheree was expecting her fourth child from another man.

Burton is required to pay his ex-wife $12,500 per month in child support until April of this year.

Steve Burton
Steve Burton

The monthly payments will then be reduced to $10,000. Regardless of any unforeseen circumstances, both parties agreed to forego spousal support “now or at any time in the future.” 

The couple divorced after 23 years of marriage, according to court records. 

According to previously filed documents, Steve and Sheree’s divorce is uncontested, with Sheree asking the court to end both parties’ lifetime spousal support.

Steve, 53, and Sheree, 45, have agreed to split legal and physical custody of their children Makena, 19, Jack, 17, and Brooklyn, 9, in previous court filings. Sheree reportedly asked the court to permanently terminate spousal support for both parties because the divorce is uncontested.

“Somethings I have realized with having my fourth baby in my 40s,” Sheree wrote on Instagram. “I know how quickly time passes,” she wrote on Instagram a few weeks later. “I do not sweat the small stuff, and I try to be present with all my kids and live in the moment.” My children know they are loved even if I am not perfect, and that is all that matters.  

“The last two and a half years have been a tremendous learning experience for me,” she added. I realized I am much stronger than I ever imagined, and that change is necessary for growth.”

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