Sofia Kourtesis Takes House Music on a Cosmic Journey with “Madres” On New Music Friday

We can not wait for the weekend if it is a Tuesday, but otherwise, October 27, 2023, is a day that makes our hearts skip a beat.

Not to be overlooked, though, is the exciting part—New Music Friday! After a busy day of work, the musical elves at The FADER are back with all the juicy details on some of the most well-liked releases of the season.

Put on your most comfortable dancing socks, take out your headphones, and let us get going!

With “Hold,” Wild Nothing’s musical genius Jack Tatum returns to action. Think again if you expected him to be rusty—it has been five long years since his last musical performance. Jack’s indie-pop skills are as sharp as ever.

There is a little more bounce to “Hold” this time around, but it still has that dream-pop and shoegaze vibe that we adore.

It is comparable to simultaneously sipping coffee and consuming a Red Bull when it comes to music! Jack’s lyrics are entirely focused on relationships, both past and present.

He recently became a father, which is an entirely new experience. Thus, simply let go of your worries, just like Jack does in his songs if you are experiencing some anxiety about life.

Sofia Kourtesis – “Madres”

House music is all about momentum, right? This particular genre of music elicits physical and mental movement in listeners.

However, Sofia Kourtesis appears next with “Madres,” and she asks, “Momentum? Not at all.

Sofia Kourtesis
Sofia Kourtesis

My goal is to ask more questions like, “What is around that corner?” “Madres,” the album’s title track, is akin to an invitation to an extraterrestrial Ibiza rave, while “Moving Houses,” a spoken word track, is like listening to your neighbor’s passionate therapy session.

We should call it “House Music on a Cosmic Journey,” since it is full of wonder and intrigue.

The Gaslight Anthem – “History Books”

After a brief break, guess what happened to The Gaslight Anthem? They’re back with “History Books.” It is their first album in ten years, and it is loaded with rustic Americana.

Bruce Springsteen even shows up, and when The Boss shows up at your party, you know you have accomplished something special. “History Books” provides a cozy, supportive hug on a chilly day.

It all comes down to enjoying the journey and accepting the passing of time.

There is still more to it, though! This Friday, we have a huge lineup of incredible music.

Sofia Kourtesis (Source: Instagram)

Everything from the deep sounds of Alex alone to the alluring beats of DJ Shadow, and from the captivating melodies of Angie McMahon to the somber tunes of The Gaslight Anthem, is available to suit every taste in music.

That means that these musicians are there for you whether you want to explore the subtleties of house music, go on an instrumental trip, or just explore the ethereal indie-pop genre.

These releases will add some melody and make your October 27, 2023, even more memorable because music is the soundtrack to our lives.

Go ahead and turn up the volume and let the melodies carry you away. Happy New Music Friday!

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