Selling Sunset Season 7, When Bre Tiesi’s Patience Reached a 20% Splitting Point

Reality TV lovers, grab your popcorn and oversized sunglasses because “Selling Sunset” Season 7 was one heck of a rollercoaster ride.

Drama, catfights, and jaw-dropping listings – it had it all. But amidst all the chaos, the one agent who had her future hanging by a 20% thread was none other than Nick Cannon’s baby mama, Bre Tiesi.

A New Face in the Sunset Arena

Bre Tiesi, our new darling of luxury real estate, made her grand entrance in Season 6. The Californian beauty with a reputation to match got right into the thick of it, but her turbulent journey was just getting started.

In one corner, we had Bre, with a past as complicated as a jigsaw puzzle missing a few pieces. In the other corner was Chelsea Lazkani, a powerhouse with a British-Nigerian heritage and a penchant for creating mayhem wherever she went.

When these two strong-willed agents clashed over their “conflicting familial beliefs,” you knew sparks were about to fly, and they did.

A Catty Catwalk into Chaos

The catfight had barely simmered down when our girl Bre was hit with a curveball that no one saw coming: the arrival of the enigmatic Cassandra Repstad.

Better known as Playboy bunny Cassandra Dawn, this “former” model had some intriguing knowledge about Bre’s past and decided to flaunt it.

Like a peacock strutting its feathers, she paraded her knowledge of Bre’s resume like it was the secret to everlasting youth.

Bre Tiesi
Bre Tiesi

While Cassandra had the inside scoop on Bre’s life, Bre wasn’t having any of it. Instead of rolling out the red carpet for a new friendship, she rolled out the velvet ropes, shutting down any chance of camaraderie.

This was like a fashionista rejecting a brand-new pair of Louboutins. Chelsea, always one to seize the opportunity, swooped in and extended the friendship card to Cassandra.

They became fast friends, and you could almost hear Bre’s exasperated sigh as she watched them join the O Group’s inner circle.

A Brave Splitting Decision

The final episode of Season 7 was like the climax of an action movie where everything comes to a head. Bre had had enough and decided to confront Jason Oppenheim.

With the subtlety of a bulldozer, she pointed out the glaring difference between the O Group’s 80-20 commission split and the 90-10 splits that other brokerages offered.

In simple terms, it was 80% for the agent and 20% for the brokerage. That’s like ordering a pizza but letting someone else eat a whole slice.

The showdown was legendary. Bre demanded to know if even the fan-favorite Mary Fitzgerald was subjected to this 80-20 split. Jason, always quick with a response, stated that even Mary was not exempt from the O Group’s financial policy.

He claimed that working with the Oppenheim Group brought greater visibility and better listings. But as Jason handed Chelsea a $10 million listing and Bre a $5 million one in the same breath, you could see the tension escalate.

Bre was stung when Jason asserted that Chelsea had brought in more money than her, leaving her with a bruised ego and some serious decision-making to do.

Bre’s Future: A Question Mark?

In the end, Bre left the O Group’s office, leaving her future at the firm hanging by a thread. Her decision to attend the party at the new office was uncertain, and the once-promising agent was at a crossroads. Had she finally reached her 20% splitting point?

As of now, it remains a mystery whether Bre decided to part ways with the Oppenheim Group. Although she’s still listed as an agent on their website and has posted about the upcoming season on her Instagram, Bre seemed on the verge of snapping.

Perhaps the allure of fame, clout, and notoriety is worth a smaller slice of the commission pie, as Jason suggested. After all, her romance with Nick Cannon, combined with her newfound fame, has skyrocketed her career as both a real estate agent and an influencer. Bre Tiesi, it seems, is now living the dream, and the O Group may not be the only pathway to success in her book.

However, Netflix and its strict policies could have kept her from disclosing her future with the Oppenheim Group until after the new season has aired. To know more, we’ll just have to keep a close eye on her social media and the O Group’s website.

A New Rival in the Mix

While Bre’s future is shrouded in uncertainty, another wildcard enters the scene: Cassandra Repstad. Introduced as a foil to Bre, her position as a permanent agent in the Los Angeles office is up in the air.

Her real estate endeavors outside the show are still going strong, and there’s no indication that she’ll be joining the O Group.

But if there’s one thing we know from reality TV, it’s that the drama never ends. The season-ending showdown between Cassandra and Bre left us with more questions than answers.

Will Cassandra become a regular cast member in the next season? We’ll have to stay tuned to find out.

In the unpredictable world of “Selling Sunset,” it’s anyone’s guess where Bre’s future lies, but one thing is for certain: the drama will continue, and the luxury real estate market will never be the same.

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