Reality Check: Sam Feher Opens Up About Breakup with Kory Keefer Amid ‘Summer House’ Drama

Reality TV personality Sam Feher, who gained notoriety for her role on “Summer House,” recently announced her separation from Kory Keefer and provided details about their reasons.

In an open admission, Feher stated that Keefer’s seeming inability to return her feelings of love on Amanda Hirsch’s “Not Skinny But Not Fat” podcast was the source of her decision.

The reality star, who is 26 years old, revealed that she started the breakup a few days prior to Christmas and that Keefer did not return her feelings.

While praising Keefer’s attributes, Feher disclosed that the main problem that prompted the choice was Keefer’s incapacity to express love for her partner during their time together.

Feher claimed that she would show her love, but Keefer never showed her appreciation. This asymmetry in emotional commitment became a significant concern for her, prompting her to contemplate ending the relationship.

She emphasized that her decision was not rooted in a lack of love for Keefer but rather his inability to express similar feelings.

The breakup unfolded against the backdrop of their long-distance relationship, with communication gaps adding strain.

Feher recounted an incident where Keefer went silent for 48 hours, even after she extended an invitation to spend New Year’s Eve with her family.

This lack of communication became a red flag for Feher, leading to a realization that something was amiss.

Sam Feher and Kory Keefer
Sam Feher and Kory Keefer

The final confrontation occurred when Keefer called her before the holidays and accused her of “testing” him and “timing” their texts. Feeling emotionally manipulated, Feher considered it a form of gaslighting, solidifying her decision to end the relationship.

Their relationship faced public speculation following Feher’s Instagram posts hinting at a “fresh start.”

The couple’s dynamics were further strained during Keefer’s appearance on “Winter House,” where he faced backlash for ambiguous statements about their relationship status and flirtations with other cast members.

Despite the challenges, Feher acknowledged that Keefer was mature about the breakup, offering an apology. However, she expressed lingering discomfort with his wish for things to be different, interpreting it as a lack of genuine regret.

The “Summer House” star emphasized that while they remain on good terms, she no longer harbors romantic feelings for Keefer.

The revelation provides fans with an intimate glimpse into the complexities of reality TV relationships and the toll such public exposure can take on personal connections.

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