Nicole Curtis is Strong Enough to Continue Her Life with Love and Loss

Back in 2019, Nicole Curtis announced that she was in a new relationship. Portraying the fact that she has moved on in life after having a legal battle in custody with her ex, Shane Maguire.

She finally revealed that her new boyfriend was Ryan Sawtelle. Fans were curious about Nicole Curtis’ romantic life after her ex, Shane Maguire.

Nicole resolved fans’ queries after posting on Instagram about boyfriend Ryan Sawtelle. The Instagram post shared in November of 2019 showcased the adorable and love filled photo of the couple.

The Instagram post showed that Nicole has moved from her ex, Shane Maguire, with whom she had a son named Harper.

Gushing Over Her Beau

Cutis was the happiest during her relationship with Ryan Sawtelle. During an interview with People, it was apparent how excited she was for this new relationship. She revealed in the interview that Sawtelle brought happiness and tranquility into her life.

There are differences  and complexities in every relationship yet everyone has to work on them and focus on the positive side of every relationship.

She shared the narrative of how Ryan and she met and how their relationship started. They first met through Instagram and then bonded over shared experiences.

Sawtelle documented his niece’s battle with a brain tumor on Instagram. Curtis went forward with her condolences and support and like that, they first interacted. Further, they met again and this time their connection deepened. Curtis reached out to Sawtelle for his help in shooting a promo for her show, “Rehab Addict.”

This shoot led to something beautiful. After the shoot, Curtis and Sawtelle went on a date when Sawtelle offered Curtis a motorcycle ride. This date turned out to be beautiful, as they witnessed a mesmerizing and romantic sunset by the ocean.

Nicole Curtis
Nicole Curtis

Ryan Sawtell isn’t just Nicole Curtis’ love partner. He is a philanthropist who enjoys helping veterans and families affected by cancer.

As founder of the White Heart Foundation and executive director of the Butch Walker Foundation, Sawtell has been recognized for his commitment to philanthropy dedicated to improving the lives of post-9/11 veterans and helping people fighting bowel cancer, including being named Citizen of the Year by the Malibu Times and receiving the “40 Under 40 Alumni” honor from Pepperdine University.

A Chapter Comes to an End

Despite their seemingly perfect relationship, Curtis and Sawtelle’s romance appears to have come to an end. Fans noticed a lack of social media posts featuring each other, and Curtis deleted her original post confirming their relationship.

While Curtis hasn’t officially confirmed their breakup, she hinted at it in an Instagram post in July 2022.

In her post, she reflected on the ups and downs of life and expressed her decision to take a break from their relationship, signaling a new phase in her life journey.

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