Netflix’s ‘Full Swing’ Season 2 Trailer Teases Exciting Golf Drama Ahead

In its very first season, “Full Swing” caught the eye of sports lovers and that too worldwide. Its portrayal of the PGA Tour and LIV Golf rivalry was prominent in the series and maintained fans’ attention in the first season.

The show became famous in the field of golf and its enthusiasts as it featured some prominent golfers such as Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka, and Ian Poulter. These golfers’ mere presence created hype among audiences.

The first season being a hit created a standard for the second season. Fans are now eagerly waiting for the arrival of the second season with high expectations.

Fan Reactions to Season 2 Trailer

Fans are super excited for the second season of “Full Swing,” especially after the release of the season 2 trailer. Fans couldn’t keep quiet and took to social media to express their excitement and expectations for the upcoming series. The second season will be released on March 6th.

On social media, we can see fans expressing their excitement, as one fan expressed his excitement and said he got goosebumps after watching the trailer.

This shows the excitement of the trailer and the anticipation. Fans are more than excited for the series to continue with its upcoming second season.

Fans are requesting that the makers surpass the quality of the eight episodes of season one and make season 2 extraordinary. This shows fans’ expectations from the makers of the show.

This creates pressure on the makers of the show to deliver better-quality content and a compelling narrative.

Absence of Brooks Koepka in Trailer

A few fans raised issues with the lack of Brooks Koepka-focused footage in the trailer. It was suggested that the recorded footage of Koepka’s milestone accomplishments, such as bringing home the PGA Championship, might have been incorporated to keep up with coherence and interest in the storyline encompassing LIV Golf.

Full Swing
Dustin Johnson

One fan expressed excitement at the prospect of seeing the Ryder Cup from the perspective of the players, pointing to potential developments in the story that could happen in the upcoming season.

Speculation on Rory McIlroy’s Involvement

Fans are speculating about Rory McIlroy’s involvement with LIV Golf. They have been making up many theories related to his involvement.

While all the discussions continued on social media, one of the fans jokingly suggested that he might join the team at the end of the event. These conversations and discussions among audiences show their interest and concerns regarding social issues.

The trailer for the second season of “Full Swing” gives a sneak peek at the concept and issues that will be shown in the upcoming episodes of the series. 

In the trailer, viewers can see Rory McIlroy sitting in a chair in the very first scene. He can be seen preparing for his possible storyline in the series. After this scene, brief profiles of  PGA Tour breakout star Sahith Theegala can be seen. This shows his growing power in the world of golf.

Finally, the trailer ended with scenes from the 2023 Ryder Cup. It was the most highly anticipated event, which surely will garner the attention of die-hard fans of golf.

This scene shows that the series is going to be filled with thrills, drama, and intense competition. These characteristics of the series will surely catch the attention of viewers.

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