Lindsay Lohan Shared How She is Enjoying Motherhood With Her Baby Boy Luai

Fans of Lindsay Lohan have already been eager to see the actress in her upcoming film, Iris Wish, which will be released this month.

Before the release, the actress revealed how she enjoys motherhood with her baby boy Luai. She also said all the wisdom she has gained since becoming a mother and how she can not wait to share this wisdom with her son as he grows older.

Recent Motherhood and Baby Boy Luai

Lindsay Lohan announced her pregnancy in 2023 and gave birth to a baby boy in July 2023. Since then, she has enjoyed motherhood with her husband and newborn son.

Recently, she attended various film launching events and shows, revealing more about how she enjoys motherhood.

Lindsay Lohan revealed that she has gained much more wisdom since birth. Many of her past experiences have also given her a broader vision and turned her into a far more wise person. She also said she can not wait to share all this wisdom and more with her son when he grows older.

Upcoming Movie Irish Wish

Famous actress Lindsay Lohan will be seen in the romantic comedy Irish Wish. The film’s trailer has already made fans go crazy, and everyone eagerly awaits its release.

Lindsay Lohan
Lindsay Lohan

Apart from this film, she will also be seen in the sequel of Freaky Friday, which she confirmed recently. She also revealed that she is now more interested in projects that inspire her. So that kind of work is what she is looking forward to being associated with – that inspires her.

Married to a Dubai Based Businessman

The actress dated Dubai-based businessman Bader Shammas for almost three years, and they got married. They got married in April 2022, and in July 2023, she gave birth to their first child, son Luai.

The actress was also seen while filming Irish Wish alongside her son and husband on the sets of the upcoming Netflix film. 

Lindsay Lohan also said that she is feeling absolutely blessed and the luckiest woman since she gave birth to her son. Alongside her career, she said she is enjoying motherhood and has gained immense wisdom from all the experiences she has gone through in her life.

The actress was arrested twice in the year 2007 and has also spent some time in rehab due to constant paparazzi following her everywhere she goes.

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