Kevin James Talks About His Comeback And Stand-Up Comedy

The comic mastermind Kevin James can never leave stand-up comedy. James demonstrates that the mic is mightier than the screenplay by dishing out humor like a true comic king with his charming demeanor and sense of humor.

He said, “It was my first time doing stand-up.” “I think I had a couple of Coors Lights, to get the courage up. When I finally entered, it was July 26, 1989, which was the first date!”

He became well-known on the sitcom “The King of Queens” as deliveryman Doug Heffernan. He became a lucrative movie star thanks to Paul Blart, the mall cop. Still, stand-up continues to bring him joy, as evidenced by his recent Amazon Prime special “Regardless.”

James, a standout football player in high school, transferred to Upstate New York’s Cortland State to play collegiate football. His athletic dreams were dashed by a back injury, but when he played public speaking for laughs, it opened up some new ones.

“I had something, but I was not sure what it was,” he remarked. I never went back to school, so I am not sure how you bottle it and sell it for a profit.

He started working on perfecting his approach, which was friendly and perceptive, never impure, and always future-focused.

Kevin James
Kevin James

He states that he deliberately never worked “blue” since he was aware that it would make it impossible for him to be cast in a TV program. It should be possible for my act to be performed anywhere. I feel like I want to create a performer that is relatable to everyone.”

James became well-known enough by the middle of the 1990s to secure an audition for “Saturday Night Live,” allowing him to follow comedy icons like Eddie Murphy, Bill Murray, and John Belushi. 

“In my entire life, it was the worst audition I have ever had,” he declared. “Because I was the only person in the room, and it was terrible. I started performing my stand-up to no laughter at all, but I persisted.”

This is the page where you can discover everything there is to know about Kevin James, a real-life example of someone who never fails—they just give up trying.

Although 99 out of 100 people would curl up in a fetal position and never move again after a botched “SNL” audition, James claimed that it was the best thing that had ever happened to him.

Having lost out on “SNL,” he had the opportunity to try out for and land the lead role in a pilot called “The King of Queens.” James had won his wager on himself when he dropped out of college. 

He went from operating a forklift and working as a freelancer at comedy clubs on Long Island to being the lead actor in a network sitcom in less than ten years.

It may have happened too quickly for him to fully believe in the success and that it would endure. “Well, that’s been my whole career,” he said. “If someone literally tapped me on the shoulder and God just said, ‘Hey, we know what’s going on, right?’ I’d go, ‘Yup. What should I do? Everything is up? All right. Thank you; it was a fun run.

James, who has been married for 20 years at the age of 58, would find it difficult to argue that their marriage will not last. Perhaps the lone skeptics now? His four children.

“They do, at times,” James said in response to the question of whether his kids find him funny. Their extremely refined taste kind of stung me a little bit! They said something like, “You are falling into the ‘Mall Cop’ thing, and that is okay, we get it.” However, as you can expect, we are doing some additional searching.”

Despite his success in Hollywood, this Long Island native will never stray too far from his heritage.

James responded quickly when asked if he had to choose between a career in stand-up, sitcoms, or movies for the rest of his days: “Stand-up.”

All I have to do is use a microphone and myself. Additionally, there is no procedure followed by the network or the studio to decide to alter things in this manner. This is how we are attempting to cast.

“I must admit that I genuinely enjoy the process. Inevitably, things will not always go as planned, and you will not connect with people in the manner you had hoped. Occasionally, however, you are told, “Yes, you can still do this.” This is fantastic! However, the chance to do so exists.

“And I’m grateful for that,” he said. “I’m grateful that I’m still here!”

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