Is Dagmar Midcap Still on NBC? Latest Updates on Her Role at KNSD-TV

The prominent media personality and American meteorologist Dagmar Midcap was serving as a WeatherCaster at KNSD-TV, an NBC affiliate based in San Diego, United States. 

People are wondering about her fate on NBC and keep questioning if she still serves on NBC.

We are here to provide you with all the latest updates about Dagmar Midcap related to her job on NBC.

Dagmar Midcap: A brief Intro

Dagmar Midcap is a prominent media personality and American meteorologist popular for her work as a Weathercaster on NBC based in San Diego. 

Is Dagmar Midcap Still on NBC
Is Dagmar Midcap Still on NBC? (Source: Instagram)

Originally, Dagmar belonged to Canada and was welcomed to the earth on the 12th of May, 1969 in Vancouver. 

She began her career on television as an anchor for traffic and weather forecasts at VTV Broadcast. After that, she switched to Global Television Network on the BCTV Morning Show.

Full NameDagmar Midcap
Height5′ 6″
Net Worth$700k
Social MediaInstagram

Dogmar entered the world of NBC where she served as a weekday evening anchor in the year 2011 on KNSD-TV in San Diego.

Midcap has shown her talent in the field of acting and worked in numerous movies and television shows in Vancouver.

Is Dagmar Midcap still on NBC?

Yes. There is no official announcement regarding her departure from NBC yet. Also, after following her social media profiles, we could not find any updates about her departure from NBC 7, so we can conclude that she is still serving on NBC.

Dagmar Midcap serves as a WeatherCaster on KNSD-TV, a part of NBC 7 in San Diego. 

She does the job of providing authentic weather information to her audience for weekday evenings like current weather conditions including the humidity, temperature, possibility of rain, and so on.

Dagmar Midcap NBC
Dagmar Midcap NBC (Source: Instagram)

Dagmar has been in this field for more than a decade so she is quite an experienced personality for this work. 

Her dedication and devotion to her work have established her as a reliable source of weather information.

Where can I watch Dagmar on NBC 7?

You can watch your favorite weather forecaster Dagmar Midcap’s reports on NBC 7 at 4, 5, 6, and 11 p.m. on the NBC App or

Since she moved to San Diego, Dagmar has shown her passion for learning about the plants, animals, ecosystems of deserts, and everything that falls between them.

Her enthusiasm for animals and all the environmental components can be seen in her ‘Down To Earth’ segments. You can follow all her updates on NBC in the section Down To Earth With Dagmar

Dagmar’s social media profiles:

You can also follow all the latest updates about her daily life on her social media handles where she regularly posts her pictures and other updates as well.

Her Facebook profile is Dagmar Midcap, and her Twitter profile is @DagmarNBCSD, You can also follow her on her Instagram profile @dagmarnbcsd.

Dagmar Midcap’s Journey on NBC

Dagmar Midcap joined the NBC network in 2011 and since then she has been regularly on the show with NBC and gained so much popularity and fame as a prominent anchor.

Before moving to San Diego, Dagmar was an esteemed weather conditions anchor for WGCL-television, the CBS affiliate in Atlanta.

She has likewise filled in as a weather forecaster for The Weather Network in Canada and CBC TV.

Dagmar always shows her passion for the environment and the weather. She regularly contributes to NBC 7’s “Down To Earth” sections, which center around ecological issues. She has a strong personality for supporting the welfare of animals.

In her extra time, Dagmar loves spending time with her three pet dogs, climbing, and exploring the world. She is additionally a nice test-car driver, rider, and ice hockey player.

We can see her love for her dogs on many of her Instagram videos and pictures on @dagmarnbcsd.

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