Gibbs’s Alaskan Adventure – Mark Harmon’s Unusual Come Back to NCIS

Fans were on the edge of their seats when Mark Harmon, the legendary Leroy Jethro Gibbs, announced that he was leaving NCIS after almost twenty years.

Fans of Gibbs should not worry, though, since Harmon is returning surprisingly. Prepare for the unusual comeback of the fearless commander.

The Great Return—But Not Quite Like You Would Think

It’s possible that fans for Mark Harmon to rejoin NCIS won’t get their wish. Gibbs is not going to repeat his position as the perfect special agent. Instead, get ready for “NCIS – Origins,” the sequel that goes into the early years of Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

“NCIS – Origins” aims to take viewers back to 1991 and explore Gibbs’ early years at the NCIS Camp Pendleton headquarters as a recently assigned special agent.

Sean Harmon, Harmon’s son, will play an important role in the show’s development in addition to serving as executive producer. Gibbs’ early years have always been shrouded in mystery.

Sean Harmon’s contribution to the production gives the prequel a personal feel. Having played Gibbs in earlier episodes, Sean expressed his excitement about exploring his character’s earlier years.

Mark Harmon
Mark Harmon

“There’s a tale worth telling about his earlier years,” he said, emphasizing the opportunity to reveal a new side of the beloved character.

CBS Expands the Universe

As a reference to hit sequels like “Young Sheldon,” CBS Entertainment President Amy Reichenbach says she’s happy about the NCIS universe’s growth.

It is expected that Mark Harmon’s comeback to narrate “NCIS – Origins” will expand upon the rich history left by Gibbs, bringing back familiar characters and introducing fresh ones.

Rumors were going before the “NCIS – Origins” launch that Harmon would make a temporary comeback to the show.

According to sources, Harmon’s initial hesitation may have had something to do with working on his next novel, “Ghosts of Honolulu.” The actor kept fans on the edge of their seats by hinting at a potential comeback.

Mixed Emotions Among the NCIS Team

Insiders said that co-star Wilmer Valderrama, who plays Special Agent Nicholas Torres, had mixed feelings about the possible comeback, given the fact that fans were excitedly awaiting Harmon’s return.

It has been stated that Valderrama had doubts about sharing fame with the returning Harmon, even if the program was now his chance to shine.

Co-stars who were hoping for a boost in ratings with Harmon’s return to NCIS were alarmed by rumors that he had a “fickle attitude” about it.

On the other hand, rumors circulated that Harmon lost interest in doing a second season of the series after discovering another love for writing his book.

Is Gibbs making a comeback? 

A source confirmed that Harmon was thinking of returning in a “part-time capacity” in an attempt to “save the show.” Bosses were overjoyed to have the famous character back, with Harmon’s decision based on a desire to get back on the set and boredom at home.

In Episode 4 of Season 19, Gibbs bid farewell to NCIS and decided to live peacefully in Alaska. Actor and executive producer Steven D. Binder planned for Harmon’s exit to not be a definitive farewell. The character’s exit was designed to allow a comeback.

Fans of “NCIS – Origins,” where Mark Harmon is taking a surprise turn back to the show, are happy to see Leroy Jethro Gibbs back.

With its promise to solve the mystery surrounding Gibbs’ past, the prequel offers a fresh viewpoint on the man who, in the last twenty years, has become a cultural and international phenomenon. Ahead of us lies an exciting new chapter in the world of NCIS!

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