Finn’s Priorities Questioned, Family Tensions Rise After Sheila’s Passing

Tensions rise in the Forrester family as Ridge’s prejudice against Finn comes to the forefront on The Bold and the Beautiful.

In the aftermath of Sheila’s passing and the revelation of Finn’s complex emotions, Ridge’s bias threatens to drive a wedge between him and his daughter’s husband.

Ridge’s Frustration

The Bold and the Beautiful family is going to have issues because of Ridge’s prejudice against Finn. Ridge becomes frustrated that Finn seems more concerned about Sheila’s passing than he is about Steffy’s safety in the episode of The Bold and the Beautiful that airs on February 29.

Finn seems to be even more upset about the fact that his birth mother was killed by his wife, and this in turn upsets Ridge. 

Ridge is disregarding everything Finn did to save Eric’s life since he believes Finn is standing up for Sheila rather than Steffy.

As you may remember, Liam went looking for Ridge and other people when he took the video of Finn and Sheila cuddling at the courthouse.

Steffy and Finn
Steffy and Finn’s marriage at risk, viewers brace for dramatic developments in the storyline.

Frustrated, Liam fanned the flames by suggesting that Steffy would never be safe from Sheila as long as Finn was in her life. This was evident to Ridge after he saw the video. 

Liam’s Influence

Furthermore, Liam expressed his desire to reintegrate into Steffy’s life, and Ridge agreed with him. Ridge’s actions have changed since Finn expressed pity for his birth mother.

Of course, it makes sense that a father would be upset that his daughter had to go through such a traumatic experience, but you would think he would also feel bad for Finn for being in such a tough situation. But instead, he went all in and called Sheila a beast, which made Finn even more upset.

Since Sheila is no longer an option at least for the time being, Liam is unable to argue that Steffy will not be safe with Finn around, but he is still able to step in and provide Steffy with the assistance she needs because Finn is unable to do so.

It seems to us that Ridge would be more than delighted to welcome Liam back and kick Finn to the curb at this moment.

With all of Ridge’s failings, it is amusing to observe how critical Finn is at the moment, but that is the world of soap operas for you. It will be interesting to watch if Steffy and Finn’s marriage succeeds in getting past this obstacle.

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