Finn’s Distraught Reaction to Sheila’s Demise Sparks Controversy

In the latest spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B), Finn’s intense and seemingly bizarre reaction to Sheila’s demise has sparked controversy among fans.

Despite Sheila’s history of violence and manipulation, Finn’s emotional display raises questions about the authenticity of his grief and whether the character’s fundamental personality has been altered for dramatic effect.

Finn’s Strong Reaction

According to spoilers for The Bold and the Beautiful (B&B), Finn reacted strongly to Sheila’s gory conclusion, especially since Steffy was the one who removed her.

Finn felt that Sheila’s human life was being ignored here and took issue with Ridge calling her an animal. Finn continues to hold Steffy somewhat responsible for what transpired, despite her best efforts to clarify that she did what was necessary.

Finn and Sheila
Finn and Sheila

The episode of B&B that aired on February 29 concluded with a sinister touch when Finn soaked up some of Sheila’s blood with his palm.

Finn indicated that his hands were stained with his mother’s blood, and he went on to say that Steffy’s hands were also stained!

Given that the woman who gave birth to him passed away, it makes sense that Finn would experience some difficult feelings. But even with that, Finn’s actions still seem a bit strange given everything Sheila has done to his family in the past few years.

That should have been enough to permanently turn Finn against Sheila—after all, she shot Finn and Steffy in the alley and then left them to bleed out.

Finn’s response to the news that Sheila was holding him captive was much more plausible because it was also thought for a while that Sheila was the reason for Li’s demise.

Contrasting Reactions Over Time

Here is some dialogue from a scene that originally aired in July of 2022. “You desired to murder Steffy, my son’s mother and the love of my life! You should be dead, not my biological mother!”

Finn insisted, pushing Sheila in the direction of the door. “It is my responsibility to ensure justice is done—someone ought to have shot you in the head that evening, but since they didn’t, I am taking matters into my own hands.”

Finn wrapped his hands around Sheila’s neck and began to strangle her while shouting. When we go back in time, we see a completely different Finn on our screens.

Finn and Sheila Carter
Finn and Sheila Carter

Sheila had calmed down in the months before the stabbing, it is true, but it is still hard to believe Finn is THIS distraught over her passing.

Finn’s current response is obviously staged; it seems as though it is being done merely to cause problems in his marriage and possibly pave the way for future breakups.

Do you also think that Finn went too far with his dramatic, blood smearing display of grief? Has Finn’s fundamental personality been altered by the writers in an attempt to create artificial drama?

Check back for updates on all the chaos ahead as The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers suggest that Finn might view Sheila differently if she is using a lookalike to fake her terrible fate!

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