Exclusive: Inside David Bromstad’s Stunning Winter Park Sanctuary!

Though HGTV’s David Bromstad is well-known for helping people locate their dream homes, what about his home? See inside the glamorous lifestyle of this design expert as he explores the crazy world of house searching for himself alone. 

The cheerful host of HGTV’s “My Lottery Dream Home,” David Bromstad, is well-versed in the characteristics that identify a home as a home.

He has assisted innumerable fortunate winners in finding their ideal homes because of his addictive personality and sharp sense of style. But where does Bromstad hang his hat when the cameras stop shooting?

A Story of Two Cities – Winter Park to Orlando

Bromstad’s own house-hunting experience was, as it turns out, a bit of a wild ride. Having narrowed down his ideal location to the energetic city of Orlando, where his closest and dearest live, he set his sights on the charming neighborhood of College Park. But destiny had other ideas, and he ended up in the nearby Winter Park area, where he ultimately found his slice of supreme paradise.

The Ideal Match – A House That Hit Him Over the Head

After searching for a year, Bromstad found his ideal house—a spacious 2,866 square feet that fulfilled all of his needs.

This house immediately caught my eye with its open-concept plan and attractive backyard area that includes a swimming pool. To the joy of his busy schedule, Bromstad ultimately decided on a turnkey property, even though he had first entertained the idea of a fixer-upper.

David Bromstad
David Bromstad

Bromstad did not spend much time decorating his new house with his unique aesthetic. Using eye-catching wallpaper and vibrant paint, he’s enhancing style and designing a room that’s both stunning and daring. With five bedrooms, four bathrooms, and large walk-in closets, there are countless options to choose from. 

Temporary to Long-lasting – Discovering His Permanent Residence

Despite the ups and downs of his house-hunting adventure, Bromstad is clearly in it for the long run. He finally found his forever home in Winter Park, having lived in a temporary flat for three and a half years. It’s a place he’s not keen to leave anytime soon because of its peaceful vibe.

Living Across Ages – A House for All Ages

Bromstad is already considering the future as he gets used to his new home. His ambition for his Winter Park home is that it would become a timeless family legacy with its particular charm.

Even though he may have considered selling, he quickly decided against it in favor of making enduring memories in his lovely home. 

David Bromstad has at last met his ideal match in the busy world of real estate. He has turned his Winter Park home into a lovely haven that is as unique as he is because of his great eye for design and love of the big and beautiful.

One thing is certain as he makes himself at home at his forever home: Bromstad’s is unlike any other place. I toast to fresh starts and amazing lives!

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