Erik Jensen Faces Stage 4 Colon Cancer After Surviving Brain Aneurysm

The Walking Dead actor Erik Jensen has been diagnosed with stage four colon cancer. Less than two years have passed since the 53-year-old actor and his family survived a brain aneurysm, so this shocking revelation comes at a difficult time for them.

After being diagnosed with stage four colon cancer, Erik Jensen’s health trajectory took a negative turn. He successfully survived a brain aneurysm only one and a half years ago. This double health crisis has undoubtedly been a profound challenge for him and his loved ones.

Metastasized Colon Cancer

The cancer has unfortunately spread to Erik Jensen’s liver. Despite this daunting situation, his family remains optimistic. Erik, described as young and strong, has shown remarkable resilience by continuing to work on a film during chemotherapy and maintaining a full-time role as a director and writer.

Jensen’s medical team believes there is hope in shrinking the tumors sufficiently to enable two significant surgeries for their removal. The family acknowledges that this will be a strenuous battle and is reaching out to the community for support during this challenging period.

A GoFundMe campaign has been launched to assist Erik Jensen and his family in this challenging journey. The campaign has already garnered over $91,000 in donations.

This financial support will help cover the costs associated with his treatment, ensuring he can focus on his recovery and providing stability for his 13-year-old daughter, Sadie, whom he shares with his wife, Jessica Blank.

Colon Cancer Awareness

Colon cancer, sometimes referred to as colorectal cancer, is a major global health concern. Following lung and breast cancer, it is the third most common type of cancer.

Regular screenings for colon cancer are advised for adults 45 years of age and above by the American Cancer Society. Stool analyses and colonoscopies are two examples of these screenings that can assist in identifying the condition early on when it is more manageable.

Erik Jensen
Erik Jensen (Instagram/@ejensen123)

It can be difficult to identify colon cancer in its early stages. Disturbances in bowel habits, rectal bleeding, dark stools, inexplicable weight loss, cramps, and exhaustion are among the possible symptoms.

Once the cancer has progressed, these symptoms frequently appear. The battle against this illness thus depends heavily on early screenings and preventative measures.

Following Erik Jensen’s cancer diagnosis, “The Walking Dead” showrunner Scott M. Gimple has asked viewers to assist him on his road to recovery. During this trying time, Gimple used social media to spread the word and ask for help paying for Jensen’s medical bills. 

Erik Jensen and his family are unwavering despite the undoubtedly difficult situation presented by his stage four colon cancer diagnosis.

They stress that stage four cancer is not always fatal, and Erik is resolved to maintain his optimism and strive for the possibility of recovery that his physicians think is feasible.

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