Double Trouble, Kailyn Lowry’s Twins Announcement Two More Tiny Toes on the Way

Kailyn Lowry, best known for her appearance on “Teen Mom 2,” made a shocking announcement on a recent episode of her podcast, “Barely Famous”: she is expecting twins! The shocking news was revealed during a conversation with TikTok star Allison Kuch about their trips to Thailand.

Kailyn, a mother of five, revealed the surprising circumstances surrounding the conception of her twins. She and her boyfriend, Elijah Scott, both became pregnant while on vacation in Thailand.

Kailyn Lowry described the unusual coincidence, saying, “We were not even near each other, but what are the odds?”

Kailyn noticed some noticeable changes while on vacation in Thailand, such as an increased appetite and a flushed face. She, on the other hand, did not think much of it at the time. “I must have gotten pregnant right before I left,” she said, “and I had no idea.” My face was flushed, but I did not notice because I was thinking, no way. There is no way I am [pregnant].”

Kailyn Lowry (Image Via @kaillowry / Instagram)

These twins will be Kailyn’s sixth and seventh children, and she’s set to welcome them with her boyfriend, Elijah Scott. Interestingly, Kailyn had only recently revealed that she secretly gave birth to her fifth child, Rio, with Elijah.

She confirmed the news in a podcast episode on October 13, describing the birth as “traumatizing” because it occurred unexpectedly.

Kailyn addressed rumors about why she hadn’t announced the birth of her fifth child earlier. She clarified that it wasn’t because of any restriction from Elijah.

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Kailyn stated, “It’s never been true that he wasn’t allowing me to post anything.” Instead, she explained that she wanted to share her news on her own terms, without any contractual obligations or external pressures.

The growth of Kailyn’s family has happened gradually over time. She is the mother of two sons, Jo Rivera’s 13-year-old son Isaac and Javi Marroquin’s 9-year-old son Lincoln, along with her unborn twins and baby Rio. She and Chris Lopez also have two other sons, three-year-old Creed and six-year-old Lux.

Even though Kailyn has not revealed the genders of her twins or the date of their birth, it is clear that this coming year will be important for her and her family.

Kailyn’s shocking turn of events occurred just three months after she made public her private birth of her fifth child with boyfriend Elijah Scott. This time, she revealed she was expecting twins.

The journey ahead is full of unanticipated detours and represents a significant expansion of her family.

Once Kailyn found out she was pregnant, it became clearer how complicated her path to motherhood was.

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Even though she closely monitored her ovulation, she has become pregnant outside of her ovulation window.

With this news, she announced that she was six months pregnant and that her sixth and seventh children would soon be arriving. 

Kailyn’s desire to control the narrative motivated her decision to keep details about her previous child’s birth private. She stated her intention to share whatever information she felt comfortable sharing, without regard to external obligations.

While some close friends and family were aware of the situation, she had complete control over when and how she would inform the rest of the world.

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