Doctor Strange 2 Scriptwriter Spills Secrets: Marvel Magic and Multiverse Mayhem Unveiled

Marvel Studios’ wild ride through the multiverse took an unexpected turn when Jade Halley Bartlett, the wordsmith behind “Miller’s Girl,” spilled the cosmic beans about her year-long stint crafting the original screenplay for “Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.”

In a chat with, Bartlett spilled the mystical tea, revealing, “I was the first writer in on Doctor Strange 2. It was really fun.”

A year of magical musings ensued, with Bartlett and the visionary director Scott Derrickson cooking up a cinematic cauldron brimming with potential. Bartlett, apparently still in disbelief about landing the gig, exclaimed, “I don’t know how I got that job. I did get the job.”

The tale of scriptwriting sorcery had two distinct chapters. First up, the Scott Derrickson era, where Bartlett teamed up with the maestro himself. “We developed it for about a year in the room with Kevin [Feige] and Eric [Hauserman Carroll] and Lou [D’Esposito] and Richie [Palmer],” she said.

Alas, just when things were bubbling up, the pandemic played the villain, casting a shadow over the scriptwriting sanctum.

As for the script itself, Bartlett remains tight-lipped, bound by the sacred screenwriter’s oath of secrecy. “I am not permitted to discuss the manuscript in any way. She apologized, saying, “I can’t tell you anything,” leaving Marvel fans eager to learn the mysterious specifics.

Doctor Strange 2
Doctor Strange 2

Despite the cloak of mystery surrounding the script, Bartlett couldn’t help but gush about her time with the Marvel maestros. “Working with them, everybody there really loves their job. They’re so kind and they’re very generous. It was like getting to work with scholars, I guess, scholars of these comic books. So that was fun.”

But wait, the multiverse tale took an unexpected twist of its own. Scott Derrickson, the director who brought the first “Doctor Strange” to life, exited stage left due to creative differences in January 2020.

In a surprising reveal, Derrickson shared that his version of “Doctor Strange 2” would have been a “genuine horror film of sorts,” a deviation from the mystical origins of its predecessor.

Fear not, true believers, for Sam Raimi swung into action, swooping in to don the directorial cape for “Multiverse of Madness.” Derrickson assured fans that there’s “no bad blood” with Marvel, and he remains pals with the sorcerer supreme, Kevin Feige.

Now, set against the backdrop of the mind-bending “WandaVision” and the web-slinging spectacle of “Spider-Man: No Way Home,” “Multiverse of Madness” promises a cosmic rollercoaster.

Doctor Strange, joined by the enigmatic America Chavez, will traverse the multiverse, chasing the Scarlet Witch through realms unknown.

While Marvel is yet to officially announce a third Doctor Strange installment, rumors swirl of early development.

As the multiverse saga unfolds, one thing is certain – the magic of Marvel continues to captivate audiences across dimensions, and the journey through the multiverse of madness is only just beginning.

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