Black Mirror Season 6 Cast Adds Josh Hartnett, Aaron Paul, and Others for a Future Delight!

The world of Black Mirror has just undergone a glamorous makeover! It is like a futurist dream team, with Zazie Beetz, as well as Josh Hartnett, and Aaron Paul joining the cast.

Fans are excited for the twists and turns this new season will surely bring as Charlie Brooker cleans his crystal ball for more mind-bending tales.

Anticipation is high among tech-horror fans as well as those who are just itching for a crazy ride through the darkest corners of the future. 

The Hollywood Reporter reports that there will likely be more episodes in the highly anticipated dystopian story collection by Charlie Brooker and Annabel Jones than in the show is previous season, which had three installments.

This is in line with the show’s ongoing tradition of presenting longer and more visually striking stories. These actors will appear in the first three episodes of season six, though the exact number of episodes has not yet been revealed, according to sources.

Josh Hartnett
Josh Hartnett

Black Mirror‘s previous season aired in 2019, prior to the COVID-19 pandemic. During the global catastrophe, Brooker declared at the time that he had no intention of bringing the tech-horror show back for more seasons.

Instead, he and his collaborator Jones made two end-of-year mockumentary specials for Netflix with a pandemic theme, titled Death of 2020 and Death of 2021.

Through their production company, House of Tomorrow, which is a part of the Endemol Shine Group, Brooker and Jones produced Black Mirror.

After the two parted ways in 2020, Netflix became a significant investor in their new venture, Broke and Bones. But the rights to Black Mirror remained with Endemol, which was later acquired by Banijay Group.

In the end, Netflix intervened and obtained a license from Banijay for Black Mirror, giving Brooker and Jones back access to the film.

Fans of the popular Emmy-winning series will have to wait to see what writer and creator Brooker has in store, and how the upcoming season will build on critical and viewer hits like “San Junipero,” “USS Callister,” “Be Right Back,” and “Entire History of You.”

Brooker is back at work on plotting new episodes. Expect the plot details to be kept under wraps until the episodes air, as is custom.

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