Adam Sandler’s Saturday Night Live revealed why Roseanne Barr didn’t sing “Chanukah Song”

NBC hosts Saturday Night Live (SNL), an American late-night live television sketch comedy, political satire, and variety show developed by Dick Ebersol.

Adam Sandler from Saturday Night Live—are you familiar with him? He is an actor and comedian from America. His accomplishments include nominations for three Grammy Awards, five Primetime Emmy Awards, a Golden Globe Award, and a Screen Actors Guild Award. 

Adam is popular for his comedic leading roles in films and television. 

From 1990 until 1995, Sandler was a cast member of the NBC sketch comedy program Saturday Night Live. In 2019, he made a comeback to Saturday Night Live as host, and he was nominated for a Primetime Emmy. 

Adam Sandler was fired from Saturday Night Live after the 1994–1995 season, even though he is now recognized as a comedy icon whose career extends beyond the few years he was a main cast member. Here’s why.

Why was Adam Sandler fired from SNL?

Did you know that Adam Sandler was fired by NBC executives in 1995 after serving as a cast member on Saturday Night Live for five seasons, starting in 1990?

Since its debut season in 1975, Saturday Night Live has given birth to some of the greatest comedy names in history, such as Bill Murray, Eddie Murphy, Will Ferrell, and Tina Fey. 

Before joining Saturday Night Live in 1990, Adam Sandler primarily appeared in small roles in films and television series and gave stand-up performances at comedy clubs. Although Sandler was first hired as a writer, he was added to the cast as a featured member the following season. 

Adam Sandler and Roseanne Barr
Adam Sandler and Roseanne Barr

After SNL’s dismal ratings in the previous two seasons, NBC was prepared to take a fresh approach to increase viewership, which included bringing in new talent and dropping long-standing stars like Sandler. 

Adam Sandler explained in an interview why he was let go from Saturday Night Live in 1995. According to Sandler, the reason the NBC executives did not like him and his group of friends was because of some of the distracting stunts he would pull behind the scenes at the writers’ request.

Though he was probably too late to save him, Sandler maintained a cordial working relationship with showrunner Lorne Michaels.

In 2019, Adam Sandler rejoined the SNL host chair

In 2019, Adam Sandler, who had been fired from Saturday Night Live in 1995, made a comeback as host. 

In the 2019 interview, Adam Sandler continued by saying that losing his job on Saturday Night Live had affected his self-esteem.

Even so, several SNL cast members voluntarily departed the show to pursue careers in film and television. Henceforth, Sandler is not alone in losing the job.

This may just be a coincidence, but it is evident that a comedian’s career does not end when he gets fired from Saturday Night Live. Contrary to this, it frequently serves as a launching pad for greater success.

Why Roseanne Barr Didn’t Sing “Chanukah Song”

An SNL classic resulted from Adam Sandler (Leo) disclosing Roseanne Barr’s reasoning for not performing his song, “The Chanukah Song.”

Some of the biggest stars of the 1990s came from the Saturday Night Live cast, including Adam Sandler, Chris Farley, and David Spade, who were best friends.

With his themed characters like Cajan Man (later developed into Bobby Boucher in The Water Boy), Gil Graham (later developed into the title character in Little Nicky), and Opera Man, Sandler made a name for himself on the NBC variety series as well. 

On rare occasions, he would perform, showcasing his vocal prowess on original songs like the 1994 holiday classic “The Chanukah Song,” which went on to become a tour of the most well-known Hollywood Jewish celebrities, both past and present. Many of them he would regularly feature on “Weekend Update.” 

Roseanne Barr, an actor and comedian, wrote the song, but she was not the first person to be chosen to host. 

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