The teen twins of Neil Patrick Harris steal the show in their delightful TikTok debut!

Neil Patrick Harris, the beloved actor and incredible father, delves into the peculiar realm of TikTok! Playing adorable critics and displaying his father’s quirky sense of humor and questionable dancing prowess, Harris returns with a charming and entertaining performance.

To the delight of his fans, Harris demonstrates that even well-known celebrities are prone to embarrassing slip-ups in their content, like pronouncing the word “TikTok” incorrectly or promising to “ramp up his rizz.”

Viewers are drawn in by the endearing sincerity of this family moment, despite the hilarious way his kids are making fun of him. 

“Ok, ok. Are you guys so excited?” At the start of the video, Neil asked the twins first. He announced, “I am joining the TikTac,” after they reassured him that they were not sure what to do next.

Harper remained silent, appearing to be confused by their father’s actions, but Gideon corrected him quickly, saying, “TikTok,” while rubbing his head.

Neil continued, saying that he would soon “have so many followers,” and then he used the catchphrase “rizz,” which is a Gen Z term for charisma. “I’m going to ramp up my rizz,” he said before Gideon interrupted him to advise him, “Never, ever say that again.”

Neil Patrick Harris
Neil Patrick Harris

Harper let out a shriek and covered her face as Neil added that his new TikTok account would turn him into “a snack.”

Neil performed a solo set of moves in front of the camera, including arm and leg kicks, to cap off the video. Harper was heard saying, “It is too cheesy,” and her dad left just before the video ended.

Neil’s fans showed their appreciation despite his children making fun of him in the TikTok video’s comments section. In their children’s friend group, Neil and David talked to people about their parental status before making their TikTok debut.

David had said, “We are told we are the coolest parents out of all the friend groups. I did not realize it was a competition,” laughed Neil.

Neil Patrick Harris departs from his TikTok debut with grace, leaving a trail of smiles and happy memories in his wake.

Harris demonstrated his dad’s humor skills with his twins serving as co-stars and critics, demonstrating that even celebrities can have embarrassing moments.

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