Fans Offer Support as TikTok Librarian Mychal Threets Leaves Job for Mental Health

Behind the stacks of books, Mychal Threets. Threets captivate audiences with something far more extraordinary than tales of epic adventures or stunning stunts. His charisma is as infectious as past-due fines.

Threets’s library joy was spreading. He shared stories of literary magic and community spirit on TikTok and the revered shelves of the Solano County Library, garnering a devoted following pretty quickly.

Unfortunately, though, even the most passionate readers occasionally need to put a book down and take care of themselves.

Threets revealed on his TikTok that he would be leaving his job at the library to work with his team and “prioritize” his mental health in a new post that he shared on Friday. Threets rose to fame on social media by posting videos of himself discussing his work as a librarian in the hopes of promoting “library joy.”

At the beginning of his video, he expressed his gratitude to the library for being both a “safe place” for him and the source of some of his best memories, including meeting friends and getting his first job.

Threets informed his fans that March 1 would be his last day working at the library, despite all the fun he had had. 

Mychal Threets
Mychal Threets

“I am leaving to prioritize my mental health,” Threets said. “To work with my team for mental health check-ins, but I really want to make you proud.” I want to take up the cause of reading. Libraries are impacted by a great deal of events happening both domestically and internationally, and I want to do everything in my power to support them.”

He added, “Worldwide, nationwide, going before Congress, letting them know how much libraries need funding, deserve funding. Supporting libraries helps to improve our community, our unity, and our ability to live as a people.”

Threets pledged to visit the library soon and concluded his video by saying it was in good hands. Several comments in the comment section expressed their well-wishes for the 33-year-old, who did not explain why he should prioritize his mental health. 

Let us mark this point in the literary canon of Mychal Threets‘s librarian legacy as a pause rather than an end. His whimsical presence may be missed by the stacks for a little while, but the tale of “library joy” endures and awaits the triumphant return of its hero.

Let us lift our symbolic bookmarks together, dear readers and internet users, to wish Threets a well-earned break full of rest and renewal. We will be here, excitedly anticipating the next chapter of his inspirational story, when the time comes for him to grace the virtual aisles once more. 

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