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What happened to Brawadis and Jasmine? Accusations of Cheating and Abuse 

Brandon Awadis, also known as Brawadis and his now ex-girlfriend Jasmine’s rocky relationship was never hidden from their followers.

Their fans and followers loved them together but there were a lot of rifts between the couple. Previously, Brawadis and Jasmine broke up but later they reconciled too. Their stormy journey was never hidden and was open to the world to witness through social media.

Recently, they broke up and before their fans could digest the facts, there was another blow of revelation and that was the allegations of cheating.

Fans were questioning and trying to figure out the authenticity of their breakup announcement when they were hit by the new dimension of cheating. 

What happened to Brawadis and Jasmine?

Brawadis accused his now-ex-girlfriend Jasmine of cheating on him with her ex in a social media live session. Meanwhile, Jasmine didn’t step aside and accused Brawadis of emotional and physical abuse during their relationship. These accusations were openly made on social media, leading to a dispute between the former couple.

Brawadis went live on Instagram to reveal a shocking allegation against his girlfriend, Jasmine. In the live session, he said he had proof of her cheating, which further led to a controversy in the YouTube community.

What happened to Brawadis and Jasmine
Brawadis and Jasmine

The couple’s fans never expected such a thing to happen in a late-night Instagram live session. These accusations sent a shocking wave toward fans on social media. 

Brawadis’ Instagram Live

Brawadis is deeply hurt by the actions of Jasmine, as he says. In the late-night Instagram live session, Brawadis revealed his agony to his followers. He said that he received a call early in the morning with proof of Jasmine’s alleged cheating.

Even after putting in effort and staying committed to their relationship, Brawadis shared his affliction and betrayal after discovering the truth about Jasmine’s alleged infidelity. 

Jasmine is Refuting the Cheating Allegations

After Brawadis’ accusations against Jasmine, she didn’t stay quiet but took to TikTok to deny the allegations by Brawadis. Jasmine said that their relationship was full of toxicity and abuse.

Brawadis and Jasmine
Brawadis and Jasmine

These revelations made by Jasmine are completely in contrast to Brawadis’ accusations. She also shared screenshots and messages that depicted how Brawadis threatened her with exposure and manipulated her into staying in the relationship.

Denials and Counterclaims

Brawadis fervently denied Jasmine’s allegations of cheating and, on second thought, doubled down on his claims. He stated that the proof he got was real, not a prank or fabrication.

Moreover, he blamed Jasmine for engaging her ex-accomplice while they were still a couple, strengthening the online fight between the former couple.

Jasmine’s Claims of Physical Abuse

As strains heightened, Jasmine made considerably more serious allegations against Brawadis, claiming emotional and physical maltreatment during their relationship. She shared troubling records and implied proof, including a photograph of an injury she guaranteed was caused by Brawadis.

The disclosure of alleged abuse added a nerve-racking layer to the generally disagreeable debate, provoking further scrutiny from their crowd.

Defending His Reputation

In light of Jasmine’s allegations of physical abuse, Brawadis unyieldingly denied any bad behavior. He disproved the claims by ascribing the injury to his dog biting Jasmine, not himself.

Sharing a screenshot of a message allegedly confirming the reason for the injury, Brawadis looked to clear himself from Jasmine’s claims, keeping up with his honesty amid the rising online strife.

The drama between Brawadis and Jasmine caught the eye of their followers and the more extensive online community. Responses went from shock and doubt to skepticism and support, mirroring the polarizing idea of the allegations.

As the quarrel worked out via social media platforms, viewers wrestled with clashing stories and looked to decipher reality amid the disarray.

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