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What happened to Amy Schumer’s face? Speculation of Usage of Steroids

People have been wondering what the term “moon face” means. People started talking about it after comedian Amy Schumer’s appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s “The Tonight Show.” But how is this term related to Amy? After her appearance on “The Tonight Show,” people have started wondering what happened to her.

The meaning of “moon face” is related to Amy Schumer and it can be revealed once we find out what happened to Amy Schumer’s face. Her facial appearance has become a topic of discussion among people on the internet.

What is Moon Face?

The term “moon face” is not a formal medical term or any diagnosis. It is a term used in ordinary conservation to describe swelling.

The swelling happens due to the collection of excess fat or fluid in the face. So because of the excess fat in the face, it turns circular or rounder in appearance, which resembles a full moon, leading to its name, “moon face.”

It leads to changes in facial appearance but it does not seem to be a health issue or at risk of any.

Causes of Moon Face

There are several causes of a moon face. It might occur because of hormonal imbalances, steroid usage or any other already existing medical conditions.

Hypothyroidism or Cushing syndrome can be two causes of hormonal imbalances in the body. Cushing syndrome is the excessive production of cortisol, which is specifically related to the moon face.

What happened to Amy Schumer face?

Amy Schumer is speculated to be using prednisone, a steroid, which has led to her moon face. The speculation comes after her appearance on “The Tonight Show,” where her facial features were different than before. Prednisone, a corticosteroid medication, causes the face to swell, leading to a full moon kind of face structure.

The swelling or excessive facial fat is often known as “moon face.” This speculation led to increased searches for “Prednisone Face Swelling” by 300% since yesterday.

What happened to Amy Schumer face
Amy Schumer

Prednisone, a corticosteroid medication, is commonly prescribed to manage inflammatory conditions like allergies, arthritis, and skin disorders. It comes with various side effects as well, including an increase in facial fat or swelling in the face.

Understanding Prednisone Usage and Side Effects

Prednisone is known to actuate different aftereffects, including sleep deprivation, temperament swings, stomach inconvenience, headaches, bloating, and skin inflammation.

One of its striking impacts is expanded hunger, prompting steady weight gain and adjustments in body fat distribution. This can appear as enlarging in the face and neck, frequently alluded to as a prednisone-actuated moon face.

Managing Moon Face

When moon face occurs as a result of an underlying health condition, addressing the root cause is crucial for managing facial swelling. Treatment for conditions like Cushing’s syndrome involves regulating cortisol levels to alleviate symptoms, including moon face.

Additionally, adjusting steroid medication dosage or exploring alternative treatments may help mitigate prednisone-induced facial swelling.

Seeking Medical Advice

If individuals experience significant facial swelling or other concerning symptoms while using prednisone or suspect an underlying health issue, consulting a healthcare professional is paramount.

Physicians can assess the situation, provide guidance on managing side effects, and adjust treatment plans as needed to ensure optimal health and well-being.

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