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The Doobie Brothers announced a 2024 tour with Michigan Stop!

In 2023, The Doobie Brothers dropped “Lahaina,” a soul-stirring track featuring Mick Fleetwood, Jake Shimabukuro, and Henry Kapono, affirming their eternal musical mojo.

This poignant single, born from the flames of Maui, underscores the Doobies’ commitment to purposeful tunes.

As Rock and Roll Hall of Famers, their upcoming tour promises a sonic spectacle, fusing timeless hits like “Minute By Minute” with fresh vibes. With a whopping fifty million album sales worldwide, The Doobie Brothers keep grooving, proving that classic rock is, indeed, timeless.

The Doobie Brothers are set to Conquer 38 Cities in 2024!

Get ready for a musical escapade with The Doobie Brothers, Grammy maestros and Rock & Roll Hall of Famers, as they gear up for the 2024 tour.

This isn’t just a concert; it’s a sonic odyssey spanning 38 U.S. cities, featuring the legendary Steve Winwood and Robert Cray. Picture this: June 15, White River Amphitheatre in Seattle. Fast forward to August 15 at Clarkston’s Pine Knob Music Theatre. 

Get ready for a musical escapade as The Doobie Brothers gear up for their 2024 Tour, promising more than just a concert—it’s a full-blown sonic journey spanning 38 cities and climaxing on August 30 at Salt Lake City’s USANA Amphitheater.

The Doobie Brothers

The tour kicks off with the bluesy magic of Robert Cray for the first 18 dates, followed by the legendary Steve Winwood, ensuring a dynamic lineup that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. Circle the date! Tickets for this auditory spectacle hit the shelves on Friday at 10 a.m. local time.

Brace yourself for the frenzy and snag your spot to witness The Doobie Brothers, Winwood, and Cray in action.

The 2024 Tour picks up the beat from the band’s 50th Anniversary Celebration Tour, reuniting Tom Johnston, Michael McDonald, Pat Simmons, and John McFee after a 25-year hiatus.

Pat Simmons spills the beans on the band’s excitement for the tour. Anticipate not just iconic hits but also fresh tunes and deep cuts, ensuring a concert that resonates long after the final note.

Get ready for a legendary musical odyssey as The Doobie Brothers, adorned with their Rock and Roll Hall of Fame status, sweep through cities like Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Tulsa, and Jacksonville, delivering the magic of timeless hits.

The 50th-anniversary tour, featuring the triumphant return of Michael McDonald, is not just a concert; it’s a rhythmic force for good.

Their song “Lahaina” isn’t just music; it’s a purposeful anthem, with proceeds supporting the People’s Fund of Maui, showcasing the band’s commitment to making a positive impact.

The Live Nation pre-sale kicking off on January 25 is your golden ticket to beat the crowd, with general sales launching on January 26 via Ticketmaster.

StubHub sweetens the deal with a 100% FanProtect guarantee, ensuring a worry-free and secure experience.

The 2024 Tour isn’t just about tunes; it’s a jubilation of classic rock, iconic collaborations, and a band that continues to redefine musical boundaries.

Buckle up for a summer of pure auditory bliss with The Doobie Brothers, Winwood, and Cray—an unfiltered, unforgettable, and undeniably Doobie experience that transcends the ordinary concert fare.

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