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Ringo Starr Revealed, 10 Astonishing Secrets About the Beatles’ Beloved Drummer

Ringo Starr, the iconic drummer of the Beatles, maybe a living legend, but beneath the fame lies a life filled with drama, mishaps, and heartwarming moments.

From his early days to his recent achievements, Ringo’s journey is as wild as the Beatles’ musical ride.

1. The Name Game

Ringo wasn’t born a star; he was Richard Starkey. He adopted his stage name while performing with Rory Storm & the Hurricanes, embracing the “Ringo” from Westerns and his love for rings.

2. Dad’s Departure:

Growing up in a rough Liverpool neighborhood, Ringo’s father left the family when he was just three, leaving his hardworking mother to provide for him.

(Image Via @ringostarrmusic/Instagram)

3. Tough Childhood Illnesses

Ringo’s childhood was marred by health issues, including a year-long hospital stay at six due to a burst appendix. He battled tuberculosis at 13 but survived, thanks to early antibiotic treatments.

4. Almost Texan

Ringo almost moved to Texas at 18 to be closer to his musical hero, Lightnin’ Hopkins. Imagine Ringo in a cowboy hat!

5. The Beatles’ Breakup Drama

Ringo was the first Beatle to temporarily quit the band during the tumultuous recording of “The White Album.” He returned to find his drum set covered in flowers, thanks to his bandmates.

(Image Via @ringostarrmusic/Instagram)

6. A Love Affair Twist

Ringo’s first wife, Maureen Cox, had an affair with George Harrison, who was married to Pattie Boyd. It seems Beatlemania affected more than just the music.

7. Unique Drumming Style

Ringo’s left-handedness shaped his unconventional drumming style, giving the Beatles their signature sound. It was emotional, and he rarely duplicated tracks in the studio.

8. First to Blaze

Ringo was the first Beatle to light up a joint. He revealed, “We got high and laughed our eyes off” during a memorable meeting with Bob Dylan.

(Image Via @ringostarrmusic/Instagram)

9. The Yoko Connection

While Yoko Ono was a source of tension within the Beatles, Ringo remained accepting. He once babysat Sean Lennon after John’s tragic assassination.

10. Battling alcoholism

Ringo’s post-Beatles fame took a toll, leading to serious alcohol addiction and blackouts. He finally sought help in 1988, checking into rehab.

11. A Dark House Party

A drunken Ringo caused such havoc in his home that staff feared the worst for his wife. This incident prompted his journey to sobriety.

12. Losing a Bandmate

The murder of John Lennon shook Ringo deeply. He had to say goodbye to a dear friend and bandmate.

Ringo Starr
(Image Via @ringostarrmusic/Instagram)

13. Mourning His First Love

Ringo’s first wife, Maureen Cox, succumbed to complications from leukemia in 1994, surrounded by Ringo and her family.

14. Fighting Brain Tumors

Ringo’s daughter, Lee Starkey, faced a harrowing ordeal with brain tumors. Her courage and resilience showcased the strength of the Starr family.

Ringo’s life story is a symphony of ups and downs, proving that even a Beatle can experience the twists and turns of an eventful life.

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