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Noah Kahan’s SNL Debut and a Spotlight on “Dial Drunk” and “Stick Season” Success

On December 2, Noah Kahan marked a significant milestone in his career with a debut performance on Saturday Night Live (SNL).

The Vermont-born singer-songwriter showcased tracks from his latest album, “Stick Season (We’ll All Be Here Forever),” solidifying his presence in the music industry.

Noah Kahan commenced his SNL performance with a captivating rendition of “Dial Drunk,” a collaboration with renowned artist Post Malone.

The track, part of his third album, “Stick Season,” highlights Kahan’s versatility and ability to collaborate with major figures in the music industry.

The SNL debut reached its crescendo as Kahan closed with “Stick Season,” a breakthrough song that recently received a cover treatment from the chart-topping sensation Olivia Rodrigo.

Both “Dial Drunk” and “Stick Season” currently hold positions on the Billboard Hot 100 chart at No. 25 and No. 31, respectively.

Chart Triumph, Album Success and Deluxe Version of “Stick Season”

The sets of tracks highlighted in the SNL performance are essential for the grand rendition of Noah Kahan’s third collection, “Stick Season.”

The deluxe edition, which came out in the summer, reached an impressive No. 3 on the 200-album chart of the Billboard. Kahan’s capacity to accumulate outline achievement and team up with rising stars mirrors the artist’s growing impact.

Noah Kahan’s breakout year is additionally highlighted by his nomination for Best New Artist at the impending Grammys.

Noah Kahan
Noah Kahan

The SNL debut demonstrates the industry’s recognition of his talent and contribution to the music landscape, and the recognition consolidates his position as an emerging artist.

In a September interview with Billboard, Kahan expressed his appreciation for the overwhelming support he had received over the past year and a half.

Portraying it as a “whirlwind of attention” and a “wonderful outpouring of love from fans,” Kahan recognized the extraordinary excursion that drove him to the SNL stage.

Noah Kahan shared his excitement on social media following his appearance on SNL, describing the experience as “one of the greatest moments of my career.” He thanked SNL for giving him the chance to show off his talent and connect with a wider audience.

The significance of Kahan’s SNL debut in his artistic journey is highlighted by his humility and appreciation for the platform.

Fans of Saturday Night Live can anticipate two additional episodes this year as the music industry continues to recognize Noah Kahan’s accomplishments.

The December 9 episode will include host Adam Driver and melodic guest Olivia Rodrigo, followed by the December 16 episode with host and SNL alum Kate McKinnon and melodic guest Billie Eilish.

Kahan’s inclusion in this highly regarded lineup shows how much more of an influence he is having on the music scene.

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