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KennaDee and Her Baby Boy are Caught Up in the Controversy of Child Privacy on Social Media

Back when KennaDee announced her pregnancy on a YouTube video, she also revealed that her baby wouldn’t be featured on the platform.

In the YouTube video, people can see both KennaDee and her husband making the announcement with mutual agreement. Chase and KennaDee both made it clear that they want to protect their baby boy from the public eye and will keep him off YouTube.

Now, that being said, viewers were expecting that she wouldn’t be showing her baby on social media and safeguarding her baby boy from the world of digital scrutiny.

Baby’s Appearance on Instagram

Despite the announcement, KennaDee recently posted on Instagram a picture of her and Chase holding their baby boy and embracing. In the picture, viewers can clearly see the face of the baby.

This face revelation of their baby boy has caused confusion for fans, as they were expecting she wouldn’t reveal her baby’s face. Because of what she said before on a YouTube video, fans had the perception that KennaDee wouldn’t feature her baby on any social media platform but things took a different turn, leaving fans puzzled and disheartened.

Fans Express Disappointment and Concern

As KennaDee revealed her baby boy’s face in an Instagram post, fans are furious and disappointed with her for this action, even after she reassured fans herself that she would keep her baby away from social media.

With the Instagram post, comments came along with questions and concerns about her decision. One user commented on their bewilderment and asked why she was putting out her baby’s photo on Instagram.

They even asked if Kass had convinced her to do so and requested that she not get influenced by Kass as she is bad herself and making money from posting her children even when they clearly don’t like being recorded.


They questioned whether external influences or changes in circumstances had led to the apparent reversal of their decision.

In the wave of criticism and speculation, one user tried to defend KennaDee. The user said that KennaDee announced that she wouldn’t feature her baby on YouTube but she never said she wouldn’t post his photos or videos on any other social media platform.

The perspective of this user can be true but there are still misunderstandings going around that can be cleared only when KennaDee and Chase come up with a clarification.

Until then, the fans are disappointed with the action taken by KennaDee, which is just opposite to what she said before.

Unforeseen Challenges and Evolving Perspectives

The situation highlights the unforeseen challenges and complexities of navigating parenthood in the digital age.

KennaDee and Chase’s initial commitment to privacy reflects a growing awareness of the potential risks and pitfalls associated with sharing personal moments online, particularly when it comes to children.

However, as they navigate the realities of parenthood, their perspectives may evolve, leading to shifts in their approach to sharing their child’s life with the public.

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