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FT Island’s Choi Min-hwan and Previous Laboum Part Kim Yul-hee Declare Divorce Following Five Years of Marriage

Korean rock band FT Island’s drummer, Choi Min-hwan, and his better half, Kim Yul-hee, a previous member of the K-pop girl group Laboum, have as of late reported their choice to divorce after five years of marriage.

The couple, who dazzled fans with their public relationship declaration in 2017 and resulting marriage in 2018, shared the news on their separate Instagram accounts.

The couple, presently parents of three small kids, communicated their obligation to co-parent and guarantee the prosperity of their loved ones.

In 2017, Kim Yul-hee imparted their growing romance to the world by posting pictures of them on her Instagram account. This disclosure denoted the start of a public excursion that remembered their engagement declaration for January 2018 and their marriage soon thereafter.

Their relationship blended interest among fans, as Choi Min-hwan hailed from the rock scene while Kim Yul-hee had earned respect as a member of the well known girl group Laboum.

Following their engagement, Choi Min-hwan and Kim Yul-hee ventured out into wedded life, with their association formalized in 2018.

In May of that very year, the couple had their first baby, Choi Ja-yeul, adding to the energy encompassing their growing family. The couple’s journey into parenthood became a focal point for their fans after the joyous birth of their first child.

In 2017, Kim Yul-hee made the decision to disclose her relationship with Choi Min-hwan, which marked a significant turning point in her professional life.

Not long after disclosing their relationship, Yul-hee chose to leave Laboum, denoting the end of her residency with the K-pop girl group that she had joined in 2014.

Fans witnessed the couple’s love story and the subsequent shifts in Yul-hee’s professional life as their journey together unfolded in public.

Announcement of Divorce

In a joint declaration on Instagram, Choi Min-hwan and Kim Yul-hee shared insight about their choice to divorce. Even though their marriage came to an end, they both pledged to be responsible and loving parents to their three children.

The decision that their three children, Choi Ja-yeul, twins Choi A-yoon and Choi A-rin, will be raised by their father, Choi Min-hwan, is one notable aspect of their divorce announcement.

With the intention of providing the children with continuity and stability, this choice was made after careful consideration.

Kim Yul-hee assured her devotion to her role as a mother, guaranteeing incessant visits to spend time with the kids and moderate any feelings of maternal absence.

Choi Min-hwan
Choi Min-hwan (Image Via @minhwan12/Instagram)

In her Instagram post, Yul-hee recognized the end of their excursion as a team and offered thanks for the help they got during their choice to begin a family early on.

She featured the parental partnership, expressing that she and Choi Min-hwan would keep on supporting each other in their particular ways.

Yul-hee reassured followers that, despite the divorce, they were still committed to being parents and were working hard to keep in touch with their children.

Choi Min-hwan likewise took to Instagram to share his point of view on the separation. He apologized to those who had supported them, including family, teammates, and fans, and acknowledged the difficult decision to end their marriage.

The drummer assured his devotion to his role as a dad, promising to save his children from any superfluous sorrow. Min-hwan emphasized his determination to continue being a responsible and involved parent despite the difficulties.

The divorce declaration of Choi Min-hwan and Kim Yul-hee marks the end of a part of their lives that was firmly trailed by fans.

While the choice to head out in different directions is without a doubt a troublesome one, the couple’s obligation to successfully co-parent and limit the effect on their kids is a demonstration of their growth and devotion as guardians.

As the people set out on separate paths, their allies stayed confident that both Choi Min-hwan and Kim Yul-hee would track down satisfaction and joy in their separate journeys.

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