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Cardi B Appeared In Star Brim’s Gang Trial For Racketeering

Cardi B’s name is no longer just making headlines for her latest hit single; it is also a key player in a gang trial.

Star Brim, the former “godmother” of the 5-9 Brims gang, is hoping that her association with the rap superstar will sway the judge’s decision in her favor. With her attorney painting a picture of transformation and redemption, the drama offstage rivals any Grammy-winning performance.

Buckle up for a legal saga in which reality collides with the rap game and even the most unlikely alliances can cause havoc in the courtroom.

“Although Star clearly has a long history of arrests, she is somewhat unique in that she has always worked at low-wage jobs and supported herself independently of gang activity,” Star Brim’s attorney told the judge. 

“She has never fallen victim to the expected trappings of gang life; she has never used, sold, or consumed alcohol. Despite having very little formal education, she earned a GED in 2012. She has held some low-wage jobs since 2007. Star’s life has changed dramatically since her child was born in early March 2020.”

Star Brim’s lawyer stated, “She has matured and grown into a wonderful, caring mother who is essentially the sole provider for her child.”

Cardi B
Cardi B

“She is dedicated and hardworking. Like any parent, she wants the best for her child. She acknowledges the very real possibility of being separated from JS. That would be devastating if the Court imposed a jail sentence. Her child will have to live with his father, which will be a major adjustment and undoubtedly traumatic. Star works hard in a variety of fields to provide her child with the life she envisions for him. Star has worked continuously since her release from prison in 2019, despite the challenges that individuals with criminal convictions face when entering the workforce. She is currently working as a residential assistant at a men’s shelter in Brooklyn.”

“Her Instagram presence grew tremendously because of her friendship with Belcalis Almanzar, better known as Cardi B,” they explained. “Throughout the years, Star has developed skin care products, advertised other products, and become a ‘influencer.’ [This] has allowed her to earn additional income.”

Brim is sentenced on Wednesday (February 21) and hopes to be granted probation. Furthermore, check back with HNHH for more news and updates on Star Brim and Cardi B.

One thing is certain: when Cardi B’s name is mentioned, the legal system pays attention. So, as we wait for the final verdict, remember that, as the rap queen herself once said, “You can not boss up without a setback.”

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