Zendaya’s Bangin’ Paris Fashion Week Debut – Short Hair, Long Impact, and Law Roach’s Stylish Spell!

Zendaya, the style icon, brought more than just her stunning appearance at Paris Fashion Week- she also presented a stylish hairstyle that had everyone in the industry talking.

The Euphoria star made a stunning appearance at the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2024 show, with pin-straight hair falling past her shoulders and a striking statement—short bangs.

Zendaya’s haircut made waves in the world of high fashion, adding a sophisticated and stylish touch to her whole look.

The actress wore a black silk crepe turtleneck with knotted silk spikes on the shoulders and sleeves to display her impeccable sense of style. Her Parisian couture was complemented with a dramatic edge by the matching silk faille column skirt, which included a draped equestrian train in rear.


Zendaya’s Evolution in Fashion and Law Roach’s Magic Touch

Without giving due credit to Law Roach, Zendaya’s veteran stylist who has been creating her famous looks for more than ten years, her Parisian rendezvous would not be complete.

Zendaya recognized Roach as her “first, one-and-only stylist,” and the Chicago-based vintage store owner was instrumental in forming the star’s sense of style ever since their chance meeting.

“We instantly connected, and we’ve grown up so much together,” the actress said. We’ve been able to experiment together, and it’s been an evolution. I’ve learnt so much from him along the way.”


Zendaya’s mesmerizing Paris Fashion Week performance demonstrated Roach’s creative touch, further cementing their dynamic cooperation as a force to be reckoned with in the fashion industry.

Zendaya’s reputation as a style icon has been solidified by her ability to transition with ease from red carpet splendor to runway cool.

The Emmy winner is always the fashion icon, whether she’s stealing the show at the Met Gala, an awards ceremony, or a movie premiere.

“Hello, lovers of fashion! At the Schiaparelli Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2024 presentation, Zendaya delivered a bombshell from Paris that goes beyond the catwalk. Get ready for the hairstyle that will create waves worldwide- short bangs, straight tresses, and an allure that would make the Eiffel Tower envious.

Let’s now discuss Law Roach, the style whisperer behind for Zendaya’s legendary looks.

Ten years after their fashion romance began in a Chicago antique boutique, they’re still making waves and influencing fashion trends. Who else can go from runway royalty to red carpet glitz with such ease? Only Zendaya, the fashion progression queen.

Not only was there a runway show during Paris Fashion Week, but there was also a Zendaya spectacular that took center stage and had everyone saying, “Ooh la la.”

There is a new queen of fashion’s playground, and her taste in short hair is unmatched. Watch this space for more of Zendaya’s style narrative—after all, we can’t get enough of the way she just transformed Paris into her runway!

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