Tom DeLonge Reunites with Blink-182 for Epic ‘One More Time’ Tour!

In 2024, the venerable pop-punk band Blink-182, who have made an enormous mark on the music industry, will start a historic tour.

The celebration of the band’s reunion and the release of their most recent album, “One More Time,” have already started! The upcoming tour is also known as the “One More Time” tour.

The return of the original Blink-182 lineup, which included Mark Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Travis Barker, has been eagerly anticipated by fans. The band has announced a triumphant comeback to the spotlight with the release of their brand-new album.

The “One More Time” tour is supposed to take fans of North America on a stunning experience. The band will play 30 dates across North America in the late spring of 2024, which is an amazing timetable.

The visit will start on June 20 in Orlando and incorporate notable urban communities and areas, for example, the lofty SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, Citi Field in New York City, and the celebrated Fenway Park in Boston.

The visit’s fabulous finale will happen in Toronto on August 15. Preceding that, they will give an exceptionally unique exhibition at Petco Park in San Diego, where they were brought up.

The energizing live exhibitions of Squint 182 will be accessible so that fans can see all over North America.

Star-studded guests and ’00s Nostalgia

Fans of 2000s pop-punk music will enjoy Blink-182’s “One More Time” tour because it serves as both a celebration of their reunion and their most recent album and a trip down memory lane.

The group has enlisted the assistance of special guest stars to make this journey even more memorable.

As special guests on their tour, Blink-182 will be joined by Pierce the Veil, another well-known 2000s pop-punk band.

Tom DeLonge Reunites with Blink-182
Tom DeLonge Rejoins Blink-182

Since both bands had a significant impact on the development of pop-punk and amassed devoted fan bases, the addition of Pierce the Veil adds a nostalgic layer to the experience.

Blink-182 has also extended an invitation to the post-hardcore band Alexisonfire to perform with them on a few of the tour dates in addition to Pierce the Veil.

The fusion of pop-punk and post-hardcore promises concertgoers an exhilarating and varied musical experience.

It is evidence of Blink-182’s dedication to giving fans an engaging and varied live music experience.

A Reunion Worth the Wait

With the arrival of the “One More Time” album and tour, Blink-182 has arrived at an essential stage in their profession.

The band’s amazing setup, which included Tom DeLonge, has been performing together interestingly since DeLonge’s takeoff in 2015. Antacid Trio’s Matt Skiba briefly took on the position while he was away.

Fans have been standing by eagerly for the arrival of this unbelievable arrangement, and with “One More Time,” they have gotten what they were expecting.

The music on the actual collection praises Blink 182’s thorough effect on the pop-punk development.

With tracks that catch the substance of the band’s particular sound, it’s a nostalgic excursion back to the mid-2000s while likewise exhibiting the band’s development and development throughout the long term.

The enchanted that made Flicker 182 an esteemed installation in the music business has been revived by the gathering of Imprint Hoppus, Tom DeLonge, and Travis Barker.

Ticket Information

Sales of tickets for the “One More Time” tour will start on October 27, 2023, at 10 a.m. local time for fans eager to take part in this unforgettable reunion and see Blink-182’s dynamic live performances.

Direct ticket purchases can be made at blink182.com, the band’s official website. To take advantage of this incredible opportunity to see the legendary Blink-182 live in action, fans are urged to buy their tickets as soon as possible.

The “One More Time” tour by Blink-182 and the excitement all over speak enough about the band’s influence on pop culture. They have been here for more than two decades.

As the band reforms with its original lineup and releases a new album, fans are treated to a musical experience that combines nostalgia with the band’s development.

Fans have a special chance to participate in a pop-punk revival in 2024 thanks to the tour’s all-star guest lineup, international appearances, and ticket availability.

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