Taylor Swift’s Sneaky Support for Rumored Beau Travis Kelce Sparks Fan Frenzy

Taylor Swift, the queen of pop, sent her sneaky support to her rumored beau Travis Kelce, and fans went wild as a result.

In a plot twist worthy of a rom-com, Taylor, known for her chart-topping hits, sneakily liked an Instagram post about Travis Kelce’s historic day.

People magazine posted the news of the Kansas City Chiefs’ win over the Miami Dolphins during a game in Frankfurt, Germany. And there, among the thousands of likes, you’d find Taylor Swift’s official Instagram account.

Now, Taylor wasn’t at the international game where Kelce made history by becoming the Chiefs’ all-time franchise leader with 10,941 receiving yards. But her covert “like” was enough to set her fans into a frenzy.

Fans couldn’t contain their excitement and took to the comments section. “That moment when Taylor likes the post,” one fan wrote, adding a heart eyes emoji for good measure. “Taylor liking this is so real,” chimed in another. A third fan simply admitted to giggling like a schoolgirl because Taylor Swift liked the post.

Love and Sports: A Real-Life Romance

In the world of sports and romance, the plot thickens. Taylor Swift, known for “Shake It Off” and “Love Story,” has been seen at several of the Chiefs’ games. She’s also been spotted holding hands with the NFL star, Travis Kelce.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce
Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce

But when asked about their relationship status during a press conference in Germany, Kelce played it coy. A reporter inquired about their status, to which Kelce replied, “The latest status is I got to see her last week.”

When prodded with the direct question of whether he was “in love,” Kelce cleverly replied, “I’m going to keep my personal relationship personal.”

Intriguingly, Taylor Swift’s attendance at Kelce’s games reportedly has an impact on his performance. He humorously mentioned, “When I mention or everybody knows she’s at the game…the over/under on my catches kind of goes up and down. The spread goes up and down.” So, it seems he’s not willing to mess with superstitions or stats.

In the world of football and music, Taylor Swift is rooting for her man, Travis Kelce, from afar. And fans are loving every moment of this real-life romance drama.

As for Taylor, she’s not just making waves in her love life but in her career too. She’s the lead finalist for the 2023 Billboard Music Awards with a whopping 20 nominations.

So, while she’s slyly liking posts on Instagram, she’s also gearing up to make history in the music world. What a time to be a Taylor Swift fan!

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