Nicki Minaj Surprised by Own Perfume Launch, ‘Had No Clue. Just Woke Up and Boom

Nicki Minaj, the queen of rap, found herself caught in a fragrance frenzy as her Pink Friday 2.0 Eau De Parfum Spray made an unanticipated entrance into the retail world.

While fans eagerly awaited the drop of her upcoming album, Pink Friday 2, they were in for an unexpected twist – the companion fragrance jumped the gun, hitting shelves early without a heads-up to the star herself.

In a Twitter whirlwind, Minaj confessed to waking up to the aroma ambush, expressing her shock at the surprise release. “I had no idea. Was informed of nothing. Just woke up one day [and] boom!” she tweeted, sounding as surprised as her Barbz. But the plot thickened when even Noreen, a key figure from Minaj’s fragrance company, seemed to be in the dark about the sudden rollout. Talk about a twist in the fragrance tale!

The diva’s reaction was a mix of bemusement and gratitude, thanking fans for their support despite not having her hands on the official perfume box or bottle. “So not only was that link real but it’s physically in STORES?!?!!!!! Wow. Well boo, thank you for your support,” Minaj expressed, with a hint of disbelief.

The Pink Friday 2.0 Eau De Parfum Spray, a follow-up to the original Pink Friday perfume, boasts notes of nectarine, pink mimosa, and amber – a concoction that seemed to work its magic quickly, as it reportedly flew off shelves faster than a Minaj verse in a rap battle.

Nicki Minaj

But here’s the kicker: the scent sensation vanished almost as swiftly as it appeared, leaving fans craving more and wondering if this was a strategic move or an accidental sneak peek into Minaj’s fragrance empire.

As the Barbz scrambled to snag a whiff of the elusive fragrance, the mysterious disappearance from shelves only fueled the frenzy. Was it a surprise test run or a stroke of unexpected luck for those who managed to snag a bottle before it vanished into thin air?

While the scent situation remains shrouded in mystery, one thing’s for sure: Nicki Minaj’s aura isn’t just confined to the rap realm but extends to the world of fragrances, where her presence is as enigmatic as her lyrics.

As the countdown to Pink Friday 2 continues and the scent saga unfolds, fans are left in anticipation, eagerly awaiting both the album drop and the re-emergence of the elusive Pink Friday 2.0 fragrance.

Until then, the Barbz remain on the edge of their seats, ready for the next unexpected twist in this aromatic escapade.

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