Making Eye Contact with Stars Forbidden? Tom Cruise’s Peculiar Request to Extras Revealed

In the glittering world of Hollywood, where rumors and eccentricities abound, one peculiar tale takes center stage.

Jill Goldston, a seasoned background artist known for her record-breaking work, spilled the beans on her extensive career in a documentary titled “Jill, Uncredited.”

Among the myriad films she’s graced with her presence, a jaw-dropping revelation involving Tom Cruise has left tongues wagging.

Jill Goldston’s Hollywood Odyssey

Jill Goldston’s illustrious career as a prolific extra includes appearances in iconic films like The Italian Job and The Virgin Soldiers, where she even crossed paths with the legendary David Bowie during his stint as an extra.

However, it’s her account of working on a Tom Cruise film that has raised eyebrows and offered a glimpse into the intriguing dynamics of Hollywood.

Tom Cruise’s Outrageous Request

In a bizarre twist, Goldston unveiled an unwritten rule imposed on extras during the filming of a Tom Cruise project.

According to her, the directive was crystal clear: “Tom Cruise is about to come on set. Please do not make eye contact.”

Tom Cruise
Tom Cruise

The revelation sheds light on the hierarchy prevailing in the film industry, where extras are seemingly relegated to the lowest rung, forbidden from engaging with A-list stars unless initiated by the stars themselves.

A Familiar Accusation

This isn’t the first time Tom Cruise has been associated with such stringent protocols. The “no eye contact” rumor has circulated before, prompting director Chris McQuarrie to address it in an interview.

McQuarrie dismissed it as a myth, chuckling at the notion that people believed “they were not allowed to look [Cruise] in the eye.”

While Cruise’s alleged request might sound extreme, it echoes a trend where various actors, including Sandra Bullock, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Mike Myers, have faced similar accusations of enforcing strict rules on extras.

The Interesting World of Hollywood Etiquette

Goldston’s revelation offers a rare peek behind the curtain, highlighting the peculiar etiquette prevalent in Hollywood.

As stars navigate the demanding world of filmmaking, the unspoken rules governing interactions on set add an extra layer of mystique to the already glamorous industry.

It’s a quirky peek behind the curtain of Hollywood, where the realm of superstition and celebrity norms often intertwine.

Whether these claims are rooted in truth or inflated hearsay, they certainly contribute to the mystique and intrigue that surrounds the movie-making business.

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