Kristen Stewart defends Rolling Stone’s gender-bending cover: “I am very pleased with it.”

Kristen Stewart’s androgynous appeal is causing a stir as she sports jock straps and basketball shorts. She defends the shoot, saying, “The presence of a female body thrusting any type of sexuality at you that is not designed for exclusively straight males is something people are not comfortable with.”

Stewart defies stereotypes by playing roles in queer-themed films, demonstrating that she is not only breaking but also smashing barriers with style and sass.

“The existence of a female body thrusting any type of sexuality at you that is not designed for exclusively straight males is something people are not very comfortable with, So I am very happy with it,” Stewart said during a press conference for her latest film, Love Lies Bleeding, at the Berlin Film Festival on Sunday.

Stewart is seen in the photos wearing jock straps and basketball shorts while sporting a mullet. The post quickly went viral on social media, with fans praising the opportunity for a queer celebrity to participate in a hyper-sexualized photoshoot that is not geared toward the male gaze.

Stewart, who is bisexual, said she enjoys challenging traditional notions of what it means to be feminine. “It is fine to take different pictures and mix them up in ways that people are not used to and want to try,” she added.

Stewart insisted that Collier Schorr’s androgynous images for Rolling Stone were not significant. “It is pervasive and everywhere, and it is being denied, and, incredibly, there are no more images like that. I loved the opportunity,” she added.

Kristen Stewart
Kristen Stewart

Rose Glass’s Love Lies Bleeding follows Lou (Kristen Stewart), the manager of a gym in the middle of nowhere in America, who falls for bodybuilder Jackie (Katy O’Brian) after she blows into town on her way to a competition in Vegas.

The two quickly run into trouble with Lou’s father (Ed Harris), an arms dealer who heads the local crime syndicate.

Moving on from magazines to films, Stewart discussed making lesbian-themed films like Loves Lies Bleeding for mainstream audiences rather than an echo chamber.

“We can not keep doing that thing where we tell everyone how to feel, and where we kind of pat each other on the back and get brownie points for providing space for marginalized voices, but only if they are allowed to speak about it alone,” Stewart told the Berlinale press conference.

“The era of queer films, as defined, has come to an end. It is done. Maybe they will happen, but I believe things evolve and progress. It is just so ingrained in how we are all moving forward,” she explained.

Stewart mentioned Happiest Season, her LGBTQ+ Christmas rom-com that was entirely commercially driven but inspired her to bring other films with diverse voices and issues to a wider audience.

“It is not making movies about why they are marginalized, but about people’s actual experiences, what they love, what their desires are, where they come from, where they want to go, and, yeah, not feeling like you always have to stand on a fucking soapbox and be everyone’s spokesperson,” Stewart argued.

The Hollywood actress also provided an update on her upcoming starring role in a Susan Sontag biopic. “The Sontag project will take a very long time. This format is unique. It is a mix of documentaries, research projects, experiments, and film-within-film. We began attending the festival last year. I do not know when we will finish it. It is a fairly open-ended process.”

Critics, including David Rooney of The Hollywood Reporter, gave Love Lies Bleeding positive reviews after its Sundance Film Festival premiere.

He claimed that director Rose Glass made “a lesbian neo-noir drenched in brooding nightscapes, violent crime, and more hardcore KStew cool than has ever been packaged in such a potent concentrate.”

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